Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Public Service Announcement Regarding Lentils

I have long since thought lentils were beyond a snooze. They were soooo the epitome of icky healthy food, and not fun. My friends Melissa and Tyler are lentil mad. They are so healthy for you and they helped me realize they are also delicious. I am going to see if Melissa will give me her lentil salad recipe and I'll share it with everyone in the meantime, my super simple easy side is steamed lentils with ton of lemon juice. I prefer the French lentils, and find them super tasty. Trader Joe's makes a pre-steamed pack that is 5 servings worth for all sorts of lentil creativity. I heat them up, drizzle half a lemon on it and call it a delicious day. My name is Anna and I am sorry lentils for how I have smack talked and misunderstood you, may we please move forward as friends.


  1. I did the same for years then someone introduced me to the brown lentils, much nicer. Great in a salad with sweet chilli tuna and rocket and I have an awesome Moroccan lentil burger recipe.
    I had to apologise to lentils as I was way too hasty to judge them.

  2. Lentils ??? Hum, I'll believe it when I taste it.

  3. Looking forward to the recipe!!