Wednesday, February 2, 2011


For Realz. I am doing it mostly because I think all of you are so grand and want to send you what we refer to in my family as love gifts. Maybe it's Valentines being in the air, maybe it's that when I get obsessed with something I want to share it with everyone...So what's the giveaway, my new favorite cookbook. 100 Calorie Snack Cookbook. I think 100 calories packs suck, they are not real food, they are easy to over eat, and they don't taste very good. I love snacks. I am truly, madly, deeply committed to late afternoon delicious snacks. This cookbook has brought great snacking joy into my life. So to enter all you have to do is this...Tell me your favorite healthy snacks, and the lamest snack suggestion you have heard. I have two, frozen peas and carrots, weird and does not sound pleasant, and raw vegetables. Raw veggies are great, but where is the fun in that? And the protein for that matter. Give me some hummus and then we'll talk. Anyway I will choose 3 peeps to get receive the cookbook on Friday. So let me know those snackies please!


  1. My two favorite snacks:

    1. apple slices with peanut butter.
    2. cold cut turkey wrapped around bell pepper

    the worst suggestion someone ever gave me was to eat a little toothpaste when I got hungry, because then everything else "will taste icky."

  2. Boom, Melissa entered! #1, is a favorite of mine and I sometimes add in almond butter to shake things up. I also throw some cinnamon into the pb to add razzle dazzle. #2, yum, I wrap mine in pickles sometimes.

    That is an awful suggestion, eat toothpaste?! Not helpful.

  3. My favorite snack right now is bruschetta and whole wheat crackers. The lamest suggestion I ever heard was sugar free gum. Seriously!! Do I get to swallow it, lol.

  4. I am intrigued by this bruschetta you speak of...Do you make it yourself or pre-made? and boom, entered!
    Sugar less gum is another one which is not helpful and for me leads to headaches. No es bueno.

  5. A giveaway ? Nice ! I like. lol
    Well, I recently discovered Kellog's multigrain crackers and I really like to eat them with a banana or an apple. They're crunchy and a bit salty. Great combination with the sweet fruits. :)

    I've been told that when I'm hungry, I should "chew" on ice. Euh... but I'm HUNGRY not THIRSTY -_-. How does "ice" count as a SNACK ? lol No nutritional value in any shape or form.

  6. One of my favorite tried and true snacks is sliced apple with sharp cheddar. I mean, I love apple with peanut butter, but peanut butter is seriously like my own personal kryptonite. I literally cannot stop myself from going back for more. And more. Until I've eaten, like, half the jar.

    I am, however, a big fan of a carefully measured out portion of cranberry/almond/cashew trail mix. It's an especially good snack if you know you're going to be on the go, as is a Lara bar.

    I get pissed off when people suggest that I have celery as a snack. Unless you're gonna drown that thing in peanut butter, I'm just not interested. (And we all know that I can't be trusted with peanut butter. ) It also frustrates me when people suggest having one of those granola bars that are marketed as "healthy" but are really just drenched in sugar or corn syrup.

  7. Although it's not the healthiest my favourite snack remains crackers and cheese. I love my cheese.
    Worst snack suggestion... I don't think I've actually ever had any! Except the old adage "Eat your hand, keep the other one for tomorrow." (It's a weird French rhyme for when someone tells you they're hungry. It actually gets weirder and weirder... I'd be happy to share if you think you might be interested!)

  8. ooh, snacks :-)
    I think a banana is my favourite snack, filling fruity and yummy. Lately I am loving low-fat yoghurt and blueberries.
    hmm worst suggestion was chewing gum, that makes me so much hungrier!
    Glad to other people share the 'can't be trusted' issue with peanut butter!

  9. My fav snacks are pretty basic and could use some spicing up; bananas and crunchy peanut butter or some nut mix (in a pre-measured baggie because if not I'll eat the whole tin!).
    Worst advice is similar to the above notions; chewing on ice (bad for the teeth BTW) or chewing gum which only works for about 5 minutes and then you're still hungry!

  10. Oh peanut butter, how I love thee. Sometimes I can be trusted around it, and at the office I do not have any issues with it. I think because I give myself permission to have it....At home, totally different story. All of a sudden I think having a tiny, true story tiny, but BOWL of it is acceptable. It's not.

    Samara- feel you on the trailmix has to be measured. I do find it super satisfying.

    G- Share away! I love your Canadian-isms already!

    D- whenever I travel I always have a banana on me and raw almonds

    Preppy Southern Belle- Viva the pre-measured baggie! The best portion control is the one you actually do. Who won't go back for a few more a few more times?

  11. Well, if you insist! Like I said this rhymes in French so it makes a (tiny bit) more sense...
    "Eat your hand, keep the other for tomorrow.
    Eat your foot, keep the other for dancing.
    Eat your buttock, keep the other for mass."

    Yeah... Lol I'm not sure why we like talking about eating our body parts.

  12. Anything said in French sounds better. That's funny though! Thank you for sharing.

  13. I LOVE whole grain pretzels! You can have 5 pretty big pretzels (those big hard ones but NOT the HUGE ones the size of your hand) for 110 calories. OR pull a me and have 3 pretzels and a sprinkling of chocolate chips! I HATE it when people suggest raw bell pepper as a snack. EW! I like bell pepper and all but raw? Just cut up in slices? I'm with you, I'd eat it with hummus!