Friday, July 6, 2012

Fourth of July Round Up

I dunno about everyone else but having the 4th of July on a Wednesday has totally messed me up. I was confused Tuesday heading out of work and I have been hopeless ever since. It just felt like a Saturday.

Did everyone have a nice 4th? I hope so. I started the morning with Egon, in my opinion when you work out on a holiday you should get some sort of extra credit. I don't think it works that way but it should. After my session my mom worked out with Egon. Such a patient man. She said it was tough stuff and now she'll leave me alone about telling me what exercises to do. Seriously, best money I ever spent.

We cruised my neighborhood popped into Rebecca Taylor pre-lunch and I got an adorable shirt that was 70% off and a size 8. I'm going to overlook the fact that it's a peasant style with some give. Nope I am a SIZE EIGHT DAMMIT. Setting myself up for some tears now aren't I? We had a lovely lunch, caught up, I then deposited her in a cab and got ready for my own evening.

My friend Beth/Beazy had some peeps over, and it was a really great relaxed time. She made these little burgers with blue cheese balls stuffed into them that I think all of us could have had at least 10 of. She lives in Brooklyn and now for anyone who may be in NYC for the 4th of July let me save you some trouble. Skip the shit show that is getting to the west side for the fireworks and go to Brooklyn and get on a roof. It's the best view. You get the skyline AND the fireworks. It's the best of both worlds. Call me, I'll hook you up with a rooftop. After the fireworks we just camped out on the roof and laughed. That pretty much sums it up. I love a group of quick witted people, add in some fireworks and it's pretty heavenly.

Not drinking excessively is going well. I have kept to once a week, eaten well and moderately and it's making me a little introspective and clear headed. For now. It's helping me mull some things over, or at least be more present in my day to day life. It's help me figure out a budget for my taxes which was causing me some super angst, stay on top of my annoying life stuff, and just generally run the ship better. Not being out all the time, or just ducking my head into the sand is helping me feel better about life and therefore eat better or maybe vice versa who knows because they are so intertwined. I am getting better at being able to say no and not feel pressured to join everything because really I have to. You can't be everywhere all the time so why make yourself crazy trying, and bloated. Crazy I can deal with bloated not so much.


Very patriotic bevvies in hand. Not my man hand ps. 


  1. "in my opinion when you work out on a holiday you should get some sort of extra credit"


  2. Samara- For realz, lets start a movement. We only need to get metabolism on board.