Thursday, July 26, 2012


I am sure you can already tell from this post alone I am older and wiser. Actually that is doubtful. I am however now 32 years of age. I do not really have any feelings on this. I mean I never really got past 30 when I was a kid imaging what my "grown up" life would be like. In some ways I feel like I have been 30 since I was a kid, and in others I feel much much younger. I think some of that is city life. I also think on some level I will not completely consider myself a grown up until I am married with kids. No idea why. I have a successful job, I pay my bills, own my home and yet I still feel like I masquerade as an adult most of the time.

I recently have begun a nightly ritual. Some of this is to help speed on my arm recovery. I oil up every evening. I now apply cuticle cream, and foot cream to. This for some reason makes me feel more adult. Every night I make myself do it without forgetting or saying eff it off to bed, it's like I give myself a gold star on my adult chart. Lately in general I have been sort of killing it on the self care front. I hope this will stick. I have learned to take each day as the victory it is. Tomorrow I might fall into some vodka sodas and forget my cuticles.

As for my actual birthday. It was a delight. The majority of the people I truly love and adore were able to make it out. A few couldn't but were given free passes for good excuses. We enjoyed rainbow colored jello shots, danced wildly, and capped off the evening with meatball sliders. Sunday I was thoroughly useless.

I also learned or saw something important. A "friend", I quote it because I am not sure he is anymore ditched the evening. There were no birthday wishes from him, no appearance during the evening and a super lame text. Since this is my blog, and I can shame whoever I please I will print it.

Ugggghhh cellular death and drunk mess missed out hope you had a fun time.

I got this at 8:21am on Sunday. This is annoying for a few reasons but my top ones are: 1. 8:21am? Really? There's no need for my phone to wake me up at this hour after the fact and 2. This is just so lame. For the record this dude is 28. Not 18 in case you were wondering. I replied with lame. Just the one word because it's all I got. I just do not have the time or energy for that nonsense. I try not to judge people's behavior or actions. Their life, their business, but what I am learning is that for my sanity, goals and self protection sometimes you do have to judge. My judgment on this? It's bullshit and unacceptable. Own it dude, own it. Act like a man and not a manchild and maybe I'll forgive, forget and gallivant again.

Juice and I. 

Jonboy & I. 


  1. LOVE your response. Why get wordy? "Lame" pretty much covers all the bases, doesn't it?

    PS -- I demand dress details. That pattern is FIERCE.

  2. It's not my job to raise the wolfchild, he can raise his own damn self right? I am enjoying the one word responses lately. It's a fun challenge to find the right one that gets the job done.

    The dress...I am obsessed. 1. it's tribal amazing, and 2. built in bra. You'll never believe this but Jessica Simpson, and it's on sell at nordstroms.