Wednesday, August 29, 2012

This is a smidge overdue...Ohio was amazing! I seriously had THE BEST time with Jen, and her family. It was great seeing old friends, spending time catching up and getting to run around at Jen's parents house buckwild.

It's official now Jen, known as Lola is a college graduate. It was a great ceremony and the President of Akon University did the address. He referenced a now infamous commencement address by David McCullough Jr. which is definitely worth a read. The big point of it was you're not special and you have to work hard. It was interesting because the graduates were a mix of ages. It was clear some people had gone back to school and not been on the traditional college path. I think to those who were older they were all to aware of how not special they were and in some ways maybe felt more special. They actually did it. They did not expect it, did not think they were entitled to it, and they went out of their way to make it happen. College was not an experience handed to many of the later graduates.

Post graduation we had a lovely time with her friends, all caught up amongst ourselves, and ate way too much food. Sunday we got up lounged around and then went for a hike. I was not obsessing too much about what I had been eating, but I was feeling a little plump and there was another party that night. The fact that I had 1.5 pieces of cake the night before was definitely contributing to my not feeling awesome and loving the hiking. I also never get to hike. If you want to hear something funny, listen to a bunch of city people discuss hiking. So it's like walking but outdoors right? We climbed rocks, discussed life and then had to quickly rush off to the lady of the hour could get to her party.

I am so glad I flew out at 6am on Monday because had I not done that I would have missed the family party. The family party was the best part. Everyone was so happy for Jen, and her parents could not have been more lovely. Her kids were running around wild and I got to spend time with them and get caught up in their infectious energy. Her son made me delicious s'mores while lording over a firepit. He also showed me the weapons he makes, don't be alarmed. They are very historical in nature and made of wood and he could not be lovelier and sweeter. The dude just likes to make stuff and is a 15 year old boy. His sister was right by his side as they literally frolicked. Fire pit to pond, to trampoline, to sucking helium out of balloons. They were hilarious and my friend Lisa who is how I know Jen was in attendance as well. Even better so was her son who ended up spending the night at the house. Lisa's known Jen for 27 years and now her kid is sleeping over the same house she grew up visiting.

All in all an amazing time and weekend and an even better occasion. Go forth Lola the Brave and conquer the world. I know you will.

Work that Diploma. 

Dams are rather pretty.

Spooky and pretty nature. 

High on s'mores. 

Bye Bye Ohio. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

In Adorable News

Amie from running on Healthy got engaged!!! SO HAPPY FOR YOU! Not only did she get in engaged but it was a super cute, and super Amie proposal. Check Amie's blog and her proposal out for a little heartwarming. You can also read all about her and Matthias's love story. It's very The Notebook.

The Chemo Diaries

So the pups started chemo yesterday. We went to see the oncologist and he said she could start straight away and he suggested that. I was REALLY excited to hear that. He also suggested she stay overnight because this would be the worse dose with the highest potential of side effects and they could keep her hydrated. Sounded good and I agreed. While I do not mind cleaning up dog barf if I can get out of it I am going to. I get a call today from the awesome Dr. Hamilton and he says, well Dumplin' had a rough night last night. At first I was panicking thinking oh no did she have an allergic reaction. So he goes on to explain nope, she more or less had a meltdown. She already is a panter. She worked herself into such a frenzy they were concerned because she was raising her temperature and affecting her breathing more. They tried sedating her. Didn't work. They then had to put her in the DEEP FREEZE OXYGEN CHAMBER. I mean this is like a spa treatment and a time out all in one. That fortunately worked. Her breathing normalized, but he thinks he may prescribe long term sedatives...He says and this is when I knew he was a doctor I wanted to work with she is the definition of a hot mess right now. I of course want to defend her because she's had in 8 years probably 3 of these temper tantrums and usually they are when we've been traveling. So glad she had one with strangers trying to help her, but this is the beauty of an animal you can't control how they'll act and you can't apologize for it. Just have to laugh and call them a hot mess when they are one. When I went to pick her up today from the hospital and get her treatment plan she was wrapped in a blanket and heavily sedated. I happen to think people and animals on drugs are funny. I chose to see the humor and not sad. She was snoring heavily while they were telling me about her meds, the prognosis and treatment plan. The beast for the moment was tamed. When we got home she wanted to snuggle and carry around a chicken treat. Pretty standard operating procedure for her.

Her prognosis is good. We're looking at 15 chemo treatments over the next 25 weeks and she has a 80% chance of remission. 15% of dogs experience side effects of chemo so they tolerate better then humans do. I feel better then I did before armed with the information and quite positive looking forward. Provided she can keep the temper tantrums to a minimum and conserve her energy to heal things are looking up.

A HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who commented, emailed, texted. It has been so much appreciated. I am a lucky girl with so many thoughtful people in my world. Thank you, thank you, you keep me from falling face first into a vat of sweets.

Extremely sedated but on the road to recovery. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Touch Heartbroken

I have been avoiding something and today it became completely unavoidable. My dog has lymphoma. I do not know how bad it is, how we're going to treat it or what steps are next. I just know I feel heartbroken. She's only 8 years old and I can tell she feels crappy and I cannot tell her it will all be okay. I just want to crawl into bed and have it all go away. Instead I am looking for dog oncologists. 

We saw a specialist yesterday who is a surgeon. The tumors are too large and connected to her bits to remove. Right now the hope is to do chemotherapy, and shrink the tumors either completely or so they can be removed without damaging her. Chemo will not cure her, the best hope is a long period of remission. I hope for that. I am not ready for her to go anywhere just yet. I also do not want to make any of these decisions at all. 

Tiny sweet pup. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

10 Years Later

There are many reasons I would not go back to being 22 years old. As amazing as that time of my life was it was also rough. I had just graduated from college, and was at one of the biggest points of my life, and well life was challenging and confusing. So ten years has elapsed and I need a new passport. The photo does not hugely bother me because it's more weird then anything else. I mean I look like a chubster ghost alien. 

I was pretty pleased to see even though I am not a fresh faced 22 year old who has all sorts of life ahead of them I look better. I am recognizable as a human being which was a step in the right direction, and while my skin might have a few pores, my face has less chins. I will take the trade. 

Why do I need a new passport you ask, well you didn't but for the sake of moving this along I am going to tell you. I'm thoughtful like that. I am off to Costa Rica in 10 days! I could burst I am so excited. There's going to be monkeys, volcanoes, surfing, yoga, and we're driving some (by we I mean Juice) so adventures have to abound. 

I might be tired and sweaty but at least look alive versus 10 years ago. 

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happiest Birthday

Happiest Dirty Thirty To Samara! I am sorry if you have mixed thirty feelings but I hope you are embracing them! I surprisingly loved my thirtieth it really kicked off a new AMAZING decade for me. I hope it does for you as well. I think the best thing that my 30's taught me is no one is actually an adult or feels like one. We all have moments of being ladygirls and manchildren, it's whether you're trying to progress is key. Regardless Happy Birthday dearest ladygirl and I hope it was a great one filled with puppies, rainbows and unicorns, or whatever magical creatures make you happy!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Could be the best or THE WORST idea

The fella who keeps me able to buy ridiculous things, and pay my bills has a birthday tomorrow. This guy is super cool, and easy to work with and we've bonded over a mutual love of sweets. I really had been batting around the idea of baking for his birthday. A few things on this though...1. I don't bake. 2. I don't bake because I am afraid I will eat it all and 3. number 2 again. 

I read the blog How Sweet it Is, and can not emphasize enough how much I love this blog. Jessica who writes it could not be more adorable, and writes super witty and amusing entries with THE MOST delectable recipes. She is my number one source of food porn. She puts things together I would not even dream of. I think she's my spirit animal. Anywayz.... she posted these: 

I can't be sure but I think time stood still when I saw them. They are adapted from the compost milk cookies of momofoku fame, but better. I kept looking at the recipe, I emailed several people and begged them to make them for me and then leave me alone with them and then I decided this was the recipe. These were the cookies I needed to make for my co-workers bday. 

Now the issue with that is there is a ton of wicked ingredients. I had to have a little pep talk with myself. Okay you're gonna make them, not inhale the ingredients, or the cookies. If any of that happens this operation gets shut down. I made a batch last night. I ate 3, 1 from each batch, felt thoroughly pleasantly gross but some of that could have been from watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ( do it, I'm obsessed) and shoveling some butterscotch chips and peanut butter chips directly into my mouth. They're amazing and despite wanting to have one for breakfast I didn't and last night as soon as they were cool they were instantly packed up and away. Out of sight sort of out of mind....

It was cool though to make something not feel like I was doing this crazy self test but knowing I could make a damn batch of cookies and not lose my s**t. 

All the makings for tiny little heart attack baked goods. 

I can't. You shouldn't. Actually you should. 

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Such a Snooze

I have seriously been so boring lately. I have kind of loved it. I have been in a little bubble of boredom. I've filled my time reading, cleaning, snoozing, and just generally bumming around. It's been delightful. It does however make me a complete snooze. It's a change for me to just sort of buckle down and be an adult for a while and not swing wildly between obsessions. My obsession lately, taking care of myself. Getting to the gym, eating a good dinner, mostly grilled teriyaki chicken, steamed rice, and watermelon, and then reading before bed. Seriously total snooze. It's strangely gratifying. I am starting to get a little bored out and just in time I have a trip around the corner. Often boredom leads to my best self destructive work. I am off to sunny Akron Ohio this weekend. I can't wait. My friend Jen referred to as Lola (long story just go with it) is graduating from college.

I am so thrilled and happy to make the trip because Lola's done what I think fewer and fewer peeps do. She didn't talk about it she did it. She is a single mom of two teenagers and going back to school has been difficult, but she did not talk about it, wish it would happen, or sigh. She made it happen. I can not wait to see her graduate with a degree she worked and fought so hard for.

I not only get to see Lola graduate, but also visit with some old friends which is always exciting. I have not seen the crew in I think 3-4 years. Crazy and exciting! Roll on Friday.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Pop Quiz

I don't really have the time or energy to get into it but things are still nonexistent between my brother and I. He still continues to ice me out. At this point he can sort of just go take a leap. I am a little over it considering most of his reasons according to my mom are super selfish and nothing I can do anything about. For example, I got the good genes from our parents, and I am passionate about what I do and he wants to be to. Uhm okay. Anywayz......he skipped Christmas last year, but he's on good terms with my mom. I am already stressing about this situation and it's August (holy crap when did it become August). I am thinking let him have custody of Christmas with mom this year and I will take my maiden solo voyage. 

Thoughts? Am I asking for emotional disaster taking a trip by myself over the holidays? Am I trying to recreate Eat, Pray, Love? Answer, no. 

I am thinking about somewhere warm and my cuckoo fantasy trip location is Zanzibar off the coast of Tanzania. I think somewhere where there's no Christmas reminders might work better for me.