Thursday, August 9, 2012

Could be the best or THE WORST idea

The fella who keeps me able to buy ridiculous things, and pay my bills has a birthday tomorrow. This guy is super cool, and easy to work with and we've bonded over a mutual love of sweets. I really had been batting around the idea of baking for his birthday. A few things on this though...1. I don't bake. 2. I don't bake because I am afraid I will eat it all and 3. number 2 again. 

I read the blog How Sweet it Is, and can not emphasize enough how much I love this blog. Jessica who writes it could not be more adorable, and writes super witty and amusing entries with THE MOST delectable recipes. She is my number one source of food porn. She puts things together I would not even dream of. I think she's my spirit animal. Anywayz.... she posted these: 

I can't be sure but I think time stood still when I saw them. They are adapted from the compost milk cookies of momofoku fame, but better. I kept looking at the recipe, I emailed several people and begged them to make them for me and then leave me alone with them and then I decided this was the recipe. These were the cookies I needed to make for my co-workers bday. 

Now the issue with that is there is a ton of wicked ingredients. I had to have a little pep talk with myself. Okay you're gonna make them, not inhale the ingredients, or the cookies. If any of that happens this operation gets shut down. I made a batch last night. I ate 3, 1 from each batch, felt thoroughly pleasantly gross but some of that could have been from watching Here Comes Honey Boo Boo ( do it, I'm obsessed) and shoveling some butterscotch chips and peanut butter chips directly into my mouth. They're amazing and despite wanting to have one for breakfast I didn't and last night as soon as they were cool they were instantly packed up and away. Out of sight sort of out of mind....

It was cool though to make something not feel like I was doing this crazy self test but knowing I could make a damn batch of cookies and not lose my s**t. 

All the makings for tiny little heart attack baked goods. 

I can't. You shouldn't. Actually you should. 


  1. One word. NOM.

    They look so seriously delish, please will you come to London and make them for me?

    Well done on the pep talk self control. Acknowledging the worst case scenario and putting checks in place for dealing with it is very clever thinking. I'll definitely be stealing that tactic from you.

    Also danke for the blog link - I had a little snoop and the first recipe I saw was avocado brownies. Literally my two favourite things combined. I'm in heaven...I might be having a pre-baking pep talk this week:)

    Hope the cookies went down an absolute blast at the birthday hootenanny.

  2. Wait. AVOCADO BROWNIES?! Be right back.