Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Spoke to soon

The holidays went pretty well. Everyone got along well, yummy food was made and eaten, presents were well received and then snowmageddon hit. I got trapped in Atlanta. My brother was having a pretty full on meltdown in regards to it. The airports were closed, and the thousands of people were stranded but he still wanted to take it all personally. I saw something interesting, my brother has interesting coping skills, but more then anything he still seeks a lot of control in his life. I never hugely sought to control my environment. I did in terms of making sure I can that eat alone time but I have generally always been flexible. He has another addiction to alone time, and smoking pot that he needs to regularly serve that was fueling this meltdown. It was nice to be dealing with my own hang ups so I was not frantic at the thought of being somewhere else. I had what I needed my dog, my books, my family and the rest will work out. When our flights got canceled Monday and we were informed we would be lucky to leave on Thursday I thought my brother was going to have a heart attack. For Realz. That's when we decided to drive. I was daunted at the idea of 15 hours with a sibling but it actually wasn't too bad. We sang, we chatted, we ate some junk food, and we made it out alive. I had my own internal meltdown at the thought of not being able to snack healthy or eat "real" food for hours, but we packed a cooler and I tried to be good about drinking water. When it was all said and done I did pretty well. I ate reasonably well and more then anything learned I have strengthened my coping skills not just for food but life. If I can handle 15 hours in the car I can handle anything.


  1. Read all of your blog posts.
    And honestly, to me, it seems like you're just hiding behind the fact that you have a binge disorder.
    You're using it as an excuse not to get better. You slip-up and just say, "God... why can't people understand its an eating DISORDER?!"

    There is no evident progress throughout the blog. It's just mistake after mistake, with heavy excuses laden throughout.

    People have had disorders in the past. They also overcame their disorders. Get that through your brain... don't use it as an excuse.

  2. Aww I'm sorry, I'm previewing several blogs and posted the above comment on the wrong one!

    YOUR blog, missss, shows tons of progress and I am PROUD of someone able to make such an accomplishment!

  3. That's a relief. I was doing my best to respond with my chin up and my shoulders down, but glad I don't have to now.

  4. Anonymous... whoever that was meant for: OUCH.

  5. F.F.A
    15 hrs ?? Whoa. The max I've done is 8.
    Glad it all turned out well and that there's improvement in your coping skills ! :)

  6. 15 hours is intense! I have flown for 24, but you can read and entertain yourself more!

  7. Anonymous, total ouch to whoever you meant to send that to! jeeze!