Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years!

I can barely believe that the holidays have come and gone and now it's New Year's Eve. I have a boat load of resolutions. These are less resolutions but the goals I want to focus on. My plans this evening address two of them. I am doing something that scares me and it's yoga focused. Pretty impressed with myself already knocking two out. Only half kidding. Below is the big list:

1. Shave a minute off my mile
2. Continue my yoga practice, which I will be doing tonight AND Melissa is going to start giving me private classes Wednesday nights, what up!

3. Take a trip on my own
4. Date myself until I am at peace with my own company
5. Continue per suing a healthy life and identity outside my weight
6. Work on seeking stronger internal validation and seeking external for what onlywhatiknow to be true
7. Take a cooking course
8. Nurture healthy relationships
9. Cut toxic relationships
10. Push my writing on blog & fitperez videos
11. Do things I am afraid of ( doing this tonight, kirtan? More like scare- tan)
12. Have the continued confidence to be myself and continue figuring out who that is
13. Organize my apartment
14. Make my apartment feel like a reflection of me and not cave of dysfunction
15. Fix my front teeth
16. Get better at saving money
17. Push myself out of my cardio/strength training comfort zone
18. Continue redefining my exercise goals because I still do not grasp my potential
19. Meet with plastic surgeons to formulate an excess skin plan
20. Quit just working and re-engage with my career plan

This is a lot but the coolest thing for me is one of these is not to lose weight. Been there done that. One of my biggest goals and motivations when I started this process was to get new problems because I was so sick of the constant weight loss focus. I got my wish, lots of new things to obsess my heart out on.what are your goals, hopes, dreams for 2011? Happy New Year's everyone, you mean more to me then you could ever know!


  1. This is awesome. So healthy and cool!

  2. Awesome! You and I have so much in common... I find you to be uber inspirational :) Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Thanks so much! Super appreciate it!