Sunday, January 2, 2011

There was bindi wearing involved

New Years was magical, weird, totally out of my comfort zone and completely awesome. I learned a lot. The night began with me arriving and having a bindi applied to my forehead. I quickly realized that my snarky side would need to be checked at the door along with my snow boots. There were probably 40 plus people there. When Melissa arrived I felt 1000 times better. The cool thing about the yoga community is you couldn't wish a more welcoming and nonjudgemental group of people. Doesn't mean I still wasn't going to feel a smudge insecure. We started with chanting which makes me feel utterly ridonk, but when I let that go and thought about what I was going to leave behind in 2010 and not bring into 2011 part of that is the girl who out of insecurity will scoff instead of just try. I don't want to live my life as the person in the corner making fun of those not afraid to get out on the dance floor and look foolish but I want to live. I don't want to be safe and think I know what people are saying. I want to act foolish, be foolish, and not afraid of what others think. You know why? 1. You have about a million times more fun and 2. Most people are rarely if ever thinking about what you are doing and if they are it's probably motivated from their own fears and insecurities. I digress so the class was taught by three instructors rotating. They were going to have a beginner and advanced but mixed it. This class was not for the faint of heart. I sweat my bindi off. For real. That's not a yoga expression for a butt kicking work out but should be. I thought a lot when I could or was supposed to during class. I thought about other things I want to leave behind and things I want to bring into my life. I really want care less about what I look like and I was in the right place. The people I was surrounded by take such joy in their bodies and what they can do not what they look like. They were at ease. I didn't have to ask to know. It was pretty cool place for me to be after the past year. The class was challenging but there such cool moments. I was able to do my first bind, that's right check me out, did partnered with with Melissa, and survived the 2.5 hour class. That's right TWO HOURS. I am so encouraged to keep learning and practicing and so excited to work on this. I am so excited to not just check this off the list and run away but to actually invest myself. To not just be tourist but to commit. Part of me post class just wanted to go home and call it a day. Nope more things I was scared of to suss out. First up the raw food bar. As you know I take food seriously, now I am able to let go because meals are not a chance to have some happiness but to refuel. The food was pretty awesome. Gessine who made it is a really cool lady I hope to get to know. Super cool, laid back and talented. She also makes a mean raw coconut macarroon. I had a little this a little that and drank about ten bottles of water. I met a lot of the wonderful people who make up sonic yoga and then it was time for kirtan. I am still not positive what kirtan is if you look it up the definition is sanskrit chanting. There was a super cool instrument I had only seen in movies and pictures and people generally just getting down. It was pretty cool. Then the 5, 4,3,2,1 countdown and the new year was here. Lots of clinking of glasses, and hugs. I was really happy to be with someone who has been one of my biggest fans and greatest friends this year. Melissa is a fearless, wonderful, open hearted person, who just oozes positivity and it's amazingly genuine and not at all isolating because she is honest about the work she does to be who she is. It's a pretty cool blend you rarely find in people. Next up on the things I thought I wouldn't find myself doing list... Trance dancing. Did you know there are yoga dj's? I didn't. Sonic had an awesome dj who spun during class and then for the trance dancing. Trance dancing could be described as bugging out but being blessed with good moves and superb physical awareness. I was so busy watching people I would forget to move. I'm not there yet but who knows what can happen. You have to really let go. I hope to get better at that. All in all it was a pretty great night and definitely one of the more memorable parties I have ever been to. I didn't get home until close to 4am cause yogis get down. I was pretty sore and sleepy for Egon the next day but he gave me a slight pass since I wasn't Huntington but yoga'ed over.

I could go on and on about the symbolism of starting the year like this or ending last year that way but I'll save it for when I am not exhausto and need to get my cardio in instead of coasting on yoga fumes. I will say thank you Melissa for continuing to challenge me and be my yoga security blanket. If you're ever in NYC and need yoga advice she's your girl. Also if you're ever in NYC and need a super welcoming place to try yoga I highly recommend sonic. Their site is sonic


  1. So i just read a LOT of your blog and loved it. I have a few questions:
    -It seems like you lost a lot of weight pretty fast. What did you do to do this?
    -How does your intuitive eating work? Can you explain it in a post? Do you and your dietitian just discuss it after the fact?
    -How can you exercise SO much? I hate it and just can't make myself go to the gym at all. HELP!

    YOU ROCK!!!!

  2. All that from YOGA ? Whoa I feel like there are some great underground stuff going that I'm totally unaware of ! lol

    And 2.5 hrs ?? You're a machine, girl !
    I really liked what you said here: "I don't want to be safe and think I know what people are saying. I want to act foolish, be foolish, and not afraid of what others think." That's EXACTLY what I was telling a friend last night. I've spent TOO much time thinking about weight, food, my body, etc. For real, it's time to act a fool.

    Responsibly of course hahaha

    Happy New Year !!

  3. @ T.B.D. I will do a post for you answering your questions 'cause I j'adore you and your blog.

    @ Elle, I have scoffed at yoga but it's pretty amazing magical stuff. It does really cool and amazing things to your mind and body. It doesn't hurt that the people it attracts tend to be really sweet lovely peeps. 2.5 hours went pretty fast and it's varied between super intense work and more meditative so when you need the break you get it. To the year of acting and living foolishly!