Friday, January 7, 2011

Cheers to Friday & Lady Dates

I got an ipad for Christmas and have to say its the greatest thing i never knew i wanted. Forgive any gross spelling errors though please. Anyway I am waiting for a friend and she's running late. I thought about wandering to kill time but it's 20 degrees outside. Now i am sitting at a table having a glass of wine and life is good. I have in the past had a real aversion to eating in public. I felt judged and of course assumed everyone was thinking about me. They're not and if they are it is probably directed at my awesome scarf. It is really freeing to be able to be alone and not anxious. I am also hanging with a friend i usually do not see one on one which is cool to. Got to foster those frienships. We're seeing Blue Valentine tonight. Perfect lady date. Tomorrow i have yoga with Jen the awesome who designed my logo. It! Is her return to yoga after a break and i think my incessant talking about it at work made her want to get back to it. Have to say it made a nice change to be the person encouraging a healthy activity instead of going for BBQ or something. Its going to be fun and relaxing which us a great start to the weekend. Hope everyone is tucked up warm and getting ready for a great weekend. Whats everybody up to? Do weekends scare anyone? They used to scare me, a lot of bad stuff used to go down. Hibernating, hating that I had isolated myself, and some eating of feelings. Blech. So glad those days are over. So glad I made the effort to rebuild and strengthen friendships, make new ones and learn what was good for me. I need alone time, Anna time is key to my happiness but I am also a social creature and have to honor that. Balance, balance, we'll all learn to improve it one day at a time.

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