Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is for Samara

I like quirk and off the beaten path. I like it in my grains and a lot of places in my life. I really like it in my shopping. I shop here there everywhere. Always have, I like to pair a shirt I found in the juniors section of JC Penny covered in ponies, with my Fiorentini & Baker boots that I loved from afar for 10 years until they went on sale at barneys and I almost died from sheer excitement. There are pants involved to but I tend to keep it to very dark denim and lately black jeans. Anyway I am in deep deep like with the below site. It's good for a little from me to me gift, presents for others, and inspiration. Samara, you inspired this post with your own design loving blog, and I am sure you know about the site already. For everyone else I apologize if you grow obsessed and lose hours of your life.


  1. Liz spotted this post and you made our day :) If you ever feel like collaborating on a lookbook (if you've seen them on our blog), we would be honored! cheers

  2. This website is amazing! I can't believe I haven't come across it before! Thanks so much for posting (although I may regret that depending on how much of my life is wasted haha) ... Also, just saw your most recent vlog and it's great!

  3. Giff, this post totally made my day, too :)

    Anna, I am also in deep deep love with this website. I seriously think that you and I must be long lost twin sisters or something. I wish I lived in NYC so that you and I could meet up in person. Maybe we can plan something for when I come visit my sister this Spring? (She moved to Sunset Park a few months ago.) In the meantime, you should SO collaborate on a lookbook for Aprizi. I know it would be amazing.

  4. Giff- Would I?! I would L-O-V-E to. Emailing you shortly. Thank you for spotting and stopping by.

    Heather- You're the best thank you for the compliment and I am sorry in advance for the time you lose looking at all the lovely things. It's addicting.

    Samara- Seriously?! would lovvvvve to hang when you visit your sister!