Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Two Emails Can Undo Cranky

I did not sleep well last night at all. I could not fall asleep. I do not know why. I am not particularly stressed. I may have had too much coffee too late yesterday but anyway laying awake is never fun. This morning I skipped breakfast at home mostly because I was in deep denial I had to leave my bed, dragged myself into the office and was attempting to have a good attitude despite cranky pants firmly on. I was delighted by checking my email. I received one email saying the videos were really helping them and could I give them some tips and from another person asking for help.

It is not my ego that is flattered. Well it is a little, but I have also given out an email address so people can reach out to me. It's not just to make me feel cool. What makes me feel awesome and gives me a little bounce in my step is people asking for help. People not feeling they have to do everything on their own, and I am blessed and so flattered they feel comfortable reaching out to me. I love being able to tell someone how awesome I think it is they are seeking advice. I am not a professional, dietitian, or nutritionist. I hope I have made this clear, and suspect since I share all my cray cray I have, it's worth reiterating. I am someone though who is empathetic, tries my best not to judge and will always support you. I am loyal to a fault and I think being able to share, support and commiserate with people through email, twitter, blogging, has helped me find a really good application of this trait. If I love or care about you, you're welcome wherever I am, on the interweb or out and about in the city. We all have our problems I am honored people share theirs with me. It's courageous and makes me think that many doctors may not have answers, mom's, or well meaning family members but there is a community where you can find help and acceptance.

I think these emails may give me the boost I need to get through today without disappearing from a nap of some sort. Thank you.

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