Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Spring Crushes

A few things I am falling in deep like with right now inspired by the 70 degree weather outside:

1. Necklaces from, love the lines collection. Of course I like the feathers necklaces.

2. shirts with deep v backs, or lace backs, provided the lace does not make you look like you have a skin disease as my friend Jen would say. I loooove this one from planet blue. I would also like the model's tan but minus the skin damaging rays needed for said tan.

3. Geometric prints, the 80's are alive and apparently I think I am Bill Cosby a la Cliff Huxtable, and would like to raid his sweater collection.

4.  Mint green nails. Wish my skin wasn't oh so pale with a greenish hue cause I would be all over that.

5. This image of Lee Miller by Man Ray. She was an incredibly beautiful woman, but I love how beautiful she looks here and it's her neck. Makes me want to work some neck poses.

6. Hiking adventures with my friends, can't believe I bought hiking boots, but oh so excited. Cute boots are easier said then done. Did my best. Another shout out to Jen for spotting this site and drawing my attention to the hiking yoga adventure.

 7.  Operation organize and spring clean my apartment means new apartment details. I lust after these mugs.

8. Asparagus are in season, and could not be tastier or cheaper. Love this. They are pretty and delicious. I really, really, like to grill the white and green ones together with a little lemon on them and parmesan if I feel fancy.

9. Almost time to take advantage of how close I am to the Highline again. If I had better photoshop skills I put myself on one of those chaise lounges because that's where I be a whole lot when the weather's nice.

10. I want to start growing my own herbs, but might settle for this terrarium from  instead. Damn city living.


  1. LOVE lace backs, mint green nails (I'm pasty but do it anyway!) and asparagus ... yummy!

  2. Oh no you keep giving me more pretty things to look at and buy on line, I don't need help, I have a really bad on line shopping habit. Actually I keep it in check but I spend way too much time looking at jewelery, love the brevity link! Found this today, you might like it
    Growing your own herbs is really easy and so rewarding, have you tried growing your own sprouts to put in salads? So damn tasty
    I love spring, full of life and hope :-)

  3. Hannah- You're right I should say pasty be damned and mint green it up anyway.

    D- I know I feel guilty suggesting more things to look at and buy on line. Learning to take inspiration from it instead of following impulse to buy it.