Friday, March 11, 2011

What I am Grateful For

I am having a trying week, oh so trying. I have eaten a feeling or two this week and I am not happy about it. Rather then dwelling or letting this get worse I am going to nip it in the bud and focus on what I am grateful for.

1. It's Friday, it's been a long week but I've made it.

2. I have a lady date with one of my very best besties who I can not wait to spend time with tomorrow.

3. I am delivering two projects today which have been a long road. The MTVU Woodie Awards and the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame. I am so lucky to work on things like this even though they make me question my sanity, lose sleep and occasionally eat nutella.

4. I love that my nutritionist had to reschedule our appointment because she is in a baking contest. If you are going to see someone it should be a foodie. Super endearing and her love of food helped me embrace and not run from mine.

5. I love that my mom is trying to help and support me in different ways then she has before. The strides she is making shows me she is listening and learning. It overwhelms me with good.

6. Every day I think less negative thoughts. About myself, my life, other people, the world, you name it. Feeling good about yourself is underrated. It changes your view of the world. Things are not perfect, but nothing will ever make it perfect.

7. I am healthy. Even though it feels weird to say and start to accept I am. There's a difference between healthy and perfect. I am one and will never be the other.

8. I miss my quinoa breakfast and can not wait to make a big batch this weekend! I rolled with this week and did the best I could, but enough is enough a girl needs her quinoa.

9. My dog makes any end of the day better, I am excited to romp in the park with her tomorrow. Please weather cooperate. If not for me think of little Dumplin'.

10. I connected with so many friends this week, actually taking the time to return phone calls, make phone calls and return emails. I am busy but I do have that 5 minutes to let people know they matter to me.


  1. It's really important to reflect on the good things in life and fill it with positivity :-) I love quinoa, have you posted your breakfast quinoa recipe? You mention it a fair bit that I think I need to try it.

  2. great list! i'm about to go make gratitude list myself. :)

  3. your number 10 is such an accomplishment! congrats on keeping in touch. it's so easy to let that stuff slide to the back burner when you're feeling busy and stressed.

  4. D- will repost for you, and I swear believe my hype, quinoa is what's up for breakfast.

    struggling- thank you! Please share your wish if you like.

    sarahlearns- Thank you! It is so easy and before you know it a month has gone by.