Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Juice Power

Another thing improving my mood today despite my crazy a** clown hair,lack of sleep and skipped morning pro-greens. Juice. Not fruit juice, but super vegetable juice. We're talking every green thing imaginable. It's not too sweet, but sweet enough drinking it does not feel like punishment. It's also so good for you and a way to get in those veggies. I eat a fair amount of veggies and I'm not sure I get all my servings in and that the sweet potato fries I love so do not count.

Try out some veggie blends my favorite right now is the below. I have also included real time photos of my mood progression consuming juice. First one I am still hating life and not impressed, the second one I am high on juice!

Juice blend:


Now you can add in beets, carrots, but I tend to pick one higher sugar item, this time it was the apple. You can add in what you wish, be your own juice creator.


  1. Juice is my savior! I swear I could live on it.

  2. Clarissa- I have stayed away because of sugar and I get refluxy from it, but the veggies are so different. No fire in me chest courtesy of acid.

  3. That's one thing I haven't explored yet. I'm not very attracted to the idea of juice made out of veggies !! I'm afraid it will taste yucky :-/

  4. Elle- Super refreshing and delicious. I started simple some cucumber slices in my water and worked my way up. Maybe start simple and add in more beets and carrots to balance out some of the greenness. I also suggest working your way up to wheatgrass and aloe. 1. the taste is strong, and 2. it will clean your system out!

  5. Thanks Anne. I'll give it a shot someday... Still scared, but a teeny weeny willing :)

  6. When you're ready to green juice you will :) Look at everything else you've done.