Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Squeaking By

In my efforts to stay honest and accountable I am going to make a confession I totally lucked out today at my weigh in. Marisa the lucky duck has been in Sri Lanka the past two weeks. In the past this has been a danger zone. Having a week off of the scale has not brought out the wisest decision making in me.

I am glad when she was going to be gone for two full weeks I did not lose my ish. I did however have challenging weeks. I ate a lot of peanut butter, enough to ban if from my house at the moment. There was some wine, a cupcake, and some missed work outs. I did not think I would be up but I certainly did not think I would be down. Down I was though.

I will take it, and I did learn from it. I am eating pretty intuitively these days. Some days this intuition is not so wise or worth listening to, but most days it's pretty spot on. In an effort to fight sickness because a plague has descended on NYC I am sticking to mostly nutritious whole foods. I occasionally have some junk in there and I have a special place in my heart for Russell Stover's holiday chocolates. Seriously, why is the coconut cream so delicious? I am working to define what my normal is. My normal is to make the healthiest decisions I can during the week, and have a delicious meal out 1-2 times per week, and allow for some alcohol consumption twice a week. I am aiming to stick to this and seeing what happens. It seems to be working for me so why over think it? For now it's working. I will reassess when it does not.


  1. We need a support group of some kind for PB addicts. I'd like to ban it from my apartment entirely, but my BF can't live without it -- at least not happily -- so our jar stays hidden at the back of a shelf that I can't reach without going to the bedroom and grabbing my foot stool. That extra step I'd have to take to get the peanut butter is keeping me safe, at least for now. It's pathetic but kind of hilarious.

    PS -- FWIW, I have a pretty similar weekly food plan. I stick fairly religiously to clean, healthy foods Monday through Saturday but relax on Sundays and special occasions. I don't think it would necessarily work for everyone, but it works well for me, and like you said, I'll re-assess when/if it doesn't.

  2. It's the weirdest thing. I was totally un-phased by PB in the house for a LONG time all of a sudden it's an issue. I am not questioning why just keeping it out. Uhm, the foot stool is HILARIOUS, 1. whatever works, and 2. the image of you going to the bedroom to get said foot stool has made me giggle. A lot.