Saturday, January 28, 2012

What I'm Loving

I am a pretty happy girl lately. Things are far from perfect, but I am choosing to be happy. Below are the things that have been up'ing the happy.

1. I am LOVING the work I have been doing. It's a challenge, complex, kicking me bum, and totally awesome. The people I am working with are a delight, smart, engaged, and just unbelievable to work with. I took a risk and pulled visual reference to contribute to creative. I was a little bit nervous to do this. I was brought in to produce, work between four groups and coordinate everything for an event for roughly 450 plus people. Did I mention they have never done a live event before? Just a smidge of pressure, but I digress. One of our designers is in tough spot so to facilitate the conversation I decided to pull some reference. Pulling visual reference to help put words to ideas is my porn. I was hugely relieved when I sent it off it was well received. I came across the below which delighted me.

My paper cut obsession grows. I love Rob Ryan

Indeed, you can find it here on etsy.

2. I get to work with my friend Beth, known as Beazy to me. We get coffee together most days. If I am in a meeting during coffee time she gets me one. I think she might be the one.

3. My friend Nisa and I got mani pedis and I can not stop staring at my nails like gems.
Essie chinchilly with their luxe effects pink glitter on top. 

awkward thumb close up.

4. This sweet face when I come home and when she participates in yoga. My yoga practice includes getting a kiss when I go from plank to cobra.

5.  I rediscovered this tank shopping in my closet. Love when that happens and dug this outfit. 

6. I did measurements with Egon today and I've lost 8 inches. The most happiness inducing part was I lost three inches from my thighs and hips. I was beyond thrilled I lost 6 inches from the bits that bother me most.

7. These hot dogs.
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8. These shoes, but sadly they kill my feet. I don't think I can do it so I am giving them to a friend. 

9. A friend of mine who gives good text. He tells me to chillax. I never expect a chillax, makes me laugh every single time. 

10.  I had THE best dinner with my mom before she heads off to India for a month. She made me roasted Brussel sprouts even though she does not like them. So sweet. We had a lovely dinner and I really enjoyed her company. 


  1. Oh le uber drooooooool over Rob Ryan's stuff. This is another great papercut website -

    Also, and waaaay more importantly, YAY for the happiness and balance. It is fantastic to hear that your new work environment is supportive and challenging and you really seem to be thriving. What an awesome way to start off the new year! It's much deserved and I really hope it keeps going for you.

  2. Mary- Seriously, I want to marry Rob Ryan just because of his swoon worthy paper skills. If that's wrong I don't want to be right. Do you know made by julene? She's brillz to:

    Thanks for the blog suggestion. I look forward to losing hours of my life staring at beautiful paper cuts.

    Thank you for the sweet work wishes. I wish the same for you. I am soaking it up to carry with me when it's over in March. You can find work environments that bring out the best in everyone and not the worst. Who knew?

  3. 8 inches?! AMAZING. Go Anna go!

    PS -- I'm totally addicted to #7, too. Add roasted vegetables and you have the easiest dinner EVER.

  4. Samara- I was very pleasantly surprised by the inches. Egon, even measured twice so I am taking it! Oooh roasted veggie is a good idea. I wasn't quite sure what to have on the side honestly. Pirate's booty was not the greatest idea.

  5. Love all of this for you!! Glad you didn't mention the roasted brussel sprouts first because I'd have comprehended nothing after. :-)

  6. Lisa- Seriously roasted brussels are DELISH! Steamed, or any other way no dice, got to be roasted. It kills the sulfur which is what every other way of prepping them increases making them stinky and not tasty.