Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where to Begin

I feel like I have not written in 100 years. It really has not been close to that now has it. I have very little brain power so I am going to punk out a little and do a list-esque recap of where I'm at. Bear with me peeps and know I hold you here, points to heart.

1. The job is cuckoo crazy but AMAZING. The people are so nice and lovely. I am feeling confident enough to start seizing control. I get to also work with this design company that BLOWS my mind.

2. RGC has popped back on the radar with a vengeance. He's pretty cool. If our schedules would coordinate so we could actually hang out that would be great. We speak daily which is lovely and I feel like we're getting to know each other.

3. I have been slacking across the board on the writing, but have a meeting/dinner with the writing partner I am very much excited about. He's also such a love and become such a good friend anytime we get together is a good one. He has become completely obsessed with Downtown Abbey so I feel like he is going to pitch changing our series to a period drama.

4. Eating wise I am doing pretty good. There was an incident with some candy. I went to a baby shower on Saturday. A baby shower that I thought was never going to end. Not in a bad way just not your traditional shower. Anyway I got a plate full of dessert and a piece of cake, and I did not eat it all. I had bites of everything I wanted and did not finish it. I do not think I have ever not finished a dessert in my life. They had a candy bar as a favor/take away and I of course prepared a moderate bag. It lasted 3 days in my house which I think is a HUGE victory.

5. Working out I am getting it in. Adjusting to my new schedule and total exhaustion it's tough to get every workout in but I am getting far more in then skipping.

6. LOVING yoga being a part of my life again. I had to skip this week and totally missed it. Been doing a smidge on my own, and being a lot better about my breathing overall.

7. I feel really good about my body. I feel confident, comfortable, and I am going to ride this wave for as long as it lasts and not tell myself negative or crappy things to burst my own bubble.

8. I have been battling colds, and general sickness for two weeks and finally feel better but it has made me be a lot better about putting whole real nutritious food into my body. I have also been really on my green juice game. Yes, there was the candy incident but other then that it's been lean protein, reduced dairy, fruits, vegetables, and whole grains.

9.  My TV and DVR miss me and oh how I miss them.

10.  Samara is THE BESTEST for sending me The Hunger Games so I can get on board that train. Now to find the time to read it. She is also the best for indulging my obsession with the show Revenge, and rambling long emails.

I hope everyone is happy, healthy and warm 'cause I know it's finally winter here! I have to retire my flats soon because socks are pretty much a must these days.


  1. 1) If there was a "like" button underneath #7, I would press it a million times. A MILLION.
    2) To be fair, I plan to bore you to tears with my analysis of the Hunger Games as soon as you get through the first book, so I'm not sure if you want to thank me just yet. I should probably be thanking you for being willing to read it.
    3) REVENGE IS SO GOOD. Did you watch last week's episode yet?
    4) Do we really have to give up on flats? I just bought a pair and it's going to eat away at me if I can't find a way to wear them before Spring arrives. If anyone has suggestions, I'm all ears.

    1. Aww shucks for the million likes. Ha to the analysis. I look forward to it. Revenge is so good I LOVED last weeks. Just when I think they can't get any soap opera-y twists and turns they do and I lovesit. I refuse to give up on flats unless snow is involved. Snow just ruins them. I actually generally bundle up well these days so my feet being sans socks keeps me from overheating. I also pack flats for when I snow boot into the office because who wants to wear those all day. They're heavy. My hip flexors cry.