Monday, January 23, 2012

When Massages Attack

I am a huge believer in massage. I have found them hugely beneficial in helping some of my reoccurring aches and pains. I have chronic issues with my neck and shoulders that only massage and acupuncture has helped. Sunday I woke up and definitely was sore from my work out on Saturday with Egon. I moved from bed to couch and when I was getting up to get motivated to secure breakfast I did something to my back. 

The pain and weirdness was immediate. The spasms that followed not so good. I was a little freaked and feeling like I was 100 years old. I took it easy most of the day. I did some light stretching and rested. It definitely felt better by the end of the day but still not right. I decided a massage might help me out. I headed to the place across the street from my house. It's a Chinese Tui Na place, and while a little down and dirty, they hold up a towel to shield you while you change they are super cheap. I got a 90 minute massage for $70. I unfortunately also got the dude who was determined to knead every knot in my body into submission. There were times it hurt so good, and times it hurt real bad. I am not a massage newbie and have no problems speaking up and I did. A few times he said well do you have pain here, and I said yes and he said yeah it's because of this knot here that he would make me feel. Hard to argue with something like that. I have pain in both of my forearms and he explained a lot of that pain is from knots above my elbows who knew? I knew I was probably going to be sore today and I am. What I did not expect was the spectacular technicolor display of bruising. 

I am definitely a bruiser and suspect I might be anemic again. I am prone to it, but dear lord. This is out of control. He was working one knot near my collarbone and I had to stop him it just hurt too damn bad. I don't care if that particular knot is the source of every problem in my life it stays, so not worth the pain! I have not had a massage in a long time and been under stress and I SERIOUSLY underestimated the work which might need to get done. I will not go that long again. I left feeling like a new person, and my back was a lot better but geez no need to end up looking like I got a beat down. I'll be more diligent in my massages from now on not just because I like them a lot, but because I work out a lot, internalize stress, and end up with some big knots that make me not work right. No need for that. Sundays are meant for frolicking not massage beat downs. 

Exhibit A 

Exhibit B 


  1. Wow that's some recruits bruising. Massage is awesome, I have found a wonderful massage place near my place where I get a 30 minute neck and shoulder for $30. I leave feeling all blessed out and chilled. I've had bruises before but only tend to bruise when I've been having a perios of regular and slightly excessive alcohol consumption :-/ hope the bruising goes down, a massage is one of the first things I'm heading out to do when I get home in a few days.

  2. WOW. Talk about being worked over! I still tell the story to this day about my massage experience with you. I didn't have bruises on the outside, just emotional scarring. No big. I can't believe you went that long without one either. Good on you for getting back in the swing of it. Long sleeves....HA