Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Oatmeal Brain

Captain's log Day 3...I am exhausted but it's a really great tired. The people I am working with could not be nicer. For realz. They are like Russian dolls of niceness, they just get nicer and nicer. I have so much to do and so much responsibility on me, and so much to wrap my mind around, but it feels really good. It's definitely been a long three days so far. It did not help that last night I basically had wine for dinner. Not a great choice on my part, but one of my new boss ladies asked me to get drinks and honestly I definitely wanted a glass of wine. A glass. I had three. Not wise.

It feels really good to be working with a team. I definitely miss having some of the independence I had before, but I am still pretty independent. No one is asking what I am up to, cares when I come in or leave, and that is sort of weird. I want someone to check in with, but I am sort of responsible to everyone. I am the person in the middle of several teams making sure everyone is communicating, getting what they need, and all the work associated is being done. It's a lot, but it's kind of cool I just get to do it and move forward.

I definitely have a better sense of how I need to protect myself health wise though. I need to be better arm myself with snacks. Yesterday I had a donut. While delicious, a jelly donut was not a great afternoon snack. Now I am off to watch lots of bad television because it's all my brain can handle.

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