Monday, February 28, 2011

A Blogging Numbers Game

My followers numbers fluctuates and while I try not to let it make me crazy, bother me, or take it personally, it does, it does, and I do. Just like so many other numbers I know I should not care and it's one measurement out of many. I also know I do this for me, and to get to know people not to have the most followers in the world. Is it wanting people to like you, or some sort of validation? I don't know. I am not going to make myself crazier then I already am over analyzing it, because quality not quantity is what counts. I care more about the quality of what I am posting representing me then gaining more people.

It's tough to start a blog about weight loss and then have it evolve. I have never wanted to exclusively focus on the physical because that's a part of it. The mental is the biggest part to me and still is. How much weight I lose, or have lost does not really matter. I'm different from every person and what's right for me is different then what is right for someone else so I am not going to do weigh ins, post measurements, and things like that. It does not sit well with me. It's too focused on what you have to let go of in my opinion. Key point there, my opinion, it does not work for me because it makes me more focused on unhealthy behaviors to compete with myself. Sure, you have to know where you are, or started and if that works for you go for it. I want everyone to find what works for them and embrace it, sing it from the rooftops. I will only argue with you if it's some sort of strict diet, said with love. I straddle a fence of weight loss, musings, and just being myself and I like the little niche I have found and I value each one of you who found me to.


  1. The mental side of things is the hardest component and the very reason I started my blog because it all seemed so ridiculous to say it out loud to people who could never understand, no matter how much they try. We all have to do what is right for our individual needs and I suit myself yet I'm amazed people are out there reading my ramblings. At the end of the day it's only for me, even if am chuffed that there's traffic through my blog and that of course gives me a little buzz :-) bleh tuesday night babbling

  2. 1. The followers thing is so tricky. I try not to give it much thought, but you can't help but do so lol. So I completely you understand on that. It's good to have followers, it's better to have readers (not all followers are readers !) and it's best to stay true to oneself.

    2. Now about the weight and measurement thing. My my my it's like you read my mind ! I posted about something similar last night, about stopping with the tracking and the counting, not because it's a bad thing (I actually recommend it) but because it was no longer working for me. Lifestyle change is my focus not weight loss (though I welcome the loss with open arms, haha). Every blog that touches on weight loss is different. You have to go with YOUR flow not the blog flow.

  3. From someone who has ZERO followers and is new to this self-help blogging game, my naive opinion says "dont sweat it!" I find your posts so inspiration, relatable, and entertaining that I started my own. From one chick striving for a healthy relationship yourself and your food to another, keep fighting the good fight! I'm behind you!

  4. Seriously, how awesome are all of you? So smart and insightful.

    D- Agreed the mental component is my main motivation. I also feel like I could have been making progress earlier had I known what was wrong. No diet was going to fix me. That's a big thing, sharing that message.

    Elle- 1. Agreed, to thine own self be true. 2. Again agreed, what's right for you works better then what's the norm.

    Cate- I am a proud follower now of your blog. Your comment to was awesome and made me realize how ridiculous being hung up on this is. It's WAY more important to me to be striving and relating to others then gathering numbers. Thank you for that reminder.