Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Zero Expectations

I've been on a roll lately of expecting little and being surprised. Hung out with a friend expecting to get a drink and we stayed out until 5am. For the record I am way too old for that nonsense now. I did however make it to the gym and only looked a wee bit like death.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day as we know. Not typically the most fun when you're single, but seriously who cares? I did not care I was single. I was skipping through the day enjoying it. I have a client, who says they have a crush on me. I call them out and say they are all talk and no woo. This person is in a committed relationship so it's really more amusing banter then anything real. Anyway I spoke to someone working with them yesterday and said I was both crushed and disappointed on Valentine's Day of all days, there was no woo. About two hours later I had a dozen roses and a bottle of champagne. The flowers and champagne are ridonk, but the comedy is what had me smiling the entire night. You just never know and it can be sort of wonderful.

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