Thursday, February 3, 2011

Silence is Scary

My cable went out last week. This was so not bueno. I had a very trying dinner Tuesday night with someone who I should not have wasted the time worrying about the dinner on. The good news about fearing a sit down with someone who is selfish is they are selfish, it won't be about you. I had some tough things I had to say and some things I needed to be diplomatic about, I was nervous and stressed. After this I got home turned on my TV prepared to DVR the pain away. I seriously was very excited to have an hour or two of mind numbing post dinner with a side of emotion. Uh oh, the screen is all weird...The real cruel twist of fate in this is I work in production and had just finished a series of spots for Time Warner. I do not think the guy trying to help me was amused by me countering him about the triple play offer reciting the most recent voice over to the commercials.

I made an appointment to get it fixed for Wednesday evening. Then I realized I would have to miss yoga. I chose yoga over my TV. I am still a little stunned by this. I never choose something healthy over something that should be done in moderation. I also thought it was extremely interesting with all this discussion of silence and being with myself recently with Marisa this timing was extremely appropriate. If Marisa wasn't totally cool I might suspect we was in cahoots with TWC, but I suspect she actually spends her time doing cool stuff, helping others, and not taking my cable away. I rescheduled my appointment and embarked on silent dinner and evenings.

The first night I had silent dinner I freaked out a bit. I wanted to text someone, call somebody, read something, or eat really fast. I desperately wanted Dumplin' (my dog) to entertain me somehow. She refused to put on a puppet show as directed. Then I took a deep breath and told myself to lady up, slow down, enjoy my dinner and take in the silence. Amazingly I sort of liked it. It took some getting used to it but I really enjoyed it. I appreciated my dinner more, I felt a smidge calmer, and I ate much slower. I am thinking I might keep doing this. Supporters of intuitive eating say to truly be practicing it you have to eat without distraction. I sort of thought that was very high and mighty before. I get it a little bit more now. I was not ready to really focus on eating. I had checked out while eating for so long to be so conscious of it was uncomfortable. I know and better understand now, I deserve to eat, I need to be eat to be healthy, and I have to honor my hunger. I also invest more energy into preparing my meals and should take a moment to enjoy them and appreciate what I have done even though Jersey Shore is super tempting.

The cable is fixed, but I feel a little differently about it now. I love to read, and no TV made me read more again, get into bed earlier, and you know what I liked it. Amazing what you can learn when it's silent.


  1. I always have the tv on, even if just for the noise. Even when Im reading I keep that sucker going.

  2. It's kind of nice to have the quiet. Try it for a night. It's kind of soothing in a way. I thought it would be the opposite but it's not.

  3. Silence is scary to me as well. Actually, perhaps not scary but boring. I'm extremely bored when there isn't any noise. I only request silence's presence when I'm in deep thought. Silence for a night ? Sounds like torture lol. I would probably head to bed quick to end the day. It's the honest (sad) truth. ^_^'

  4. I'm also a bit scared of too much silence. I have the TV on even when I'm not watching it. At the very least I must have music on. My boyfriend thinks I'm tapped...

    I find it hard to concentrate when it is too quite. Maybe I AM tapped :)

  5. Bethanny- I used to do that to, now I have started turning it off. I wasn't really watching tv or reading I was just overloading.

    Elle- How is it boring? I find that interesting. Do you like the distraction? I had found sometimes after work with everyone requiring my attention it's really super soothing the quiet, noise was actually frazzling me more. I am also 30 going on 90 I like to watch my pictures after I have hung up my nice dress slacks.

    Cate- I can't concentrate when I have noise if I am reading or working, unless it's a task like cleaning or something. Seriously just try getting home and not turning the tv on automatically. I found myself not missing it. I also knew there was nothing I could do about it, soooooooo that's to be considered.