Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer Love Summer Fun Giveaway

I feel like lot of peeps are a little blue, or dealing with what life is throwing their way. I currently have a rockin' summer cold that is tempering some of my summer excitement. So the timing is just grand to have a giveaway! To enter just tell me any summer bummers, or summer excitements you have going. You could be the lucky winner of a $100 gift card to Anthropologie . Get some awesome candles you wouldn't normally buy, a bauble, maybe a fancy top. Whatever you want! I will pick a winner a week from today July 6th. So comment away, and maybe win some pretty.


  1. Can international peeps enter? If no, would a USA address help? (as in my MIL lives in the states, and if Anthropologie won't ship to NZ, I'd have it shipped there and she'd forward to me here...).... as my SUMMER BUMMER is the fact that I darn well am not IN the USA. I should have been enjoying the Summer EXCITEMENT of shopping at Ross, Norsdrams Rack, Walmart and eating a Krispy Kreme or Noahs Bagels. But my American hubby (on an Iranian passport) couldn't get his Visa in time. If at all. So that's my summer bummer. A candle or some pretty always helps ;) lol. Cool giveaway. I've heard zillions of cool things about Anthropologie but have never gotten anything from them before. xx

  2. Summer Bummer
    FACT: I have precisely 2 weekends off in July and August. One of them is my birthday weekend.
    FACT: My boyfriend works out of town on the week and is home on the weekend. Finding time together is T-R-I-C-K-Y.
    Summer Fun-ner (?)
    FACT: I have a boyfriend! And I am so falling in love :)

  3. Summer bummer. I HAVE TO MOVE BACK IN WITH MY PARENTS! AH! I am 25 this is not exceptable, especially since I have been living in Chicago, and I have to move back in with them in IOWA. Nothing against Iowa I just think it's a little too far from the city. I will be missing out on all of the free and wonderful things the city offers.

  4. @ Hannah you sure can, I checked and Anthro will ship internationally, but if you want to wait until you're here to get more bang for your buck and should win I will happily ship to your MIL's. As for your summer bummer, seriously sweets my heart plummeted for you reading your blog about it.

    @ amie, ugh only 2 weekends off, yuck-o! LOVE LOVE, LOVE, that you're so smitten kitten!!! Adorbs.

    @ cmh that is a bummer, but I hope it leads to a new launching step! Who knows maybe there is some secret underground Iowa cultural bazar you'll be forced to find now?

  5. Yay for you having a blog comp that your non-US readers can get in on too ! :)
    My summer bummer is: not being able to take a proper (northern) summer holiday as I was transferred to a new case right after my old one finished and we're going full steam ahead to prepare for a hearing on Sept 1, BUT ...
    My summer excitement is a trip to Dublin this weekend to see Glee in concert (OMG so excited!), a trip next weekend to Paris for sales shopping and a trip the weekend after to taste champagne in Champagne.
    (So I guess not having a full summer holiday isn't too bad after all is it?) ;)

  6. Bummer- I have two herniated discs in my low back... and found out I'm facing a two-level spinal fusion.

    Funner- Due to the injury I've been seeking alternative ways to exercise and prolong said surgery... underwater treadmill... you betcha!

    I did get a sweet 15% discount card from Anthropologie for my birthday... a $100 dollar gift card would help me stretch those savings even further! :)

  7. What a wicked little competition - this is going to be my last whinge and from now on it's all about the summer fun!

    Summer bummer - the revolving door curse of London is that good friends move on somewhere else. And I'm still here feeling lonely and homesick after three years. With a chest infection so my half marathon training is on hold:(

    Summer winner - planning a mini festival in my backgarden with three of my besties from home. WOOOHOOOO:)

    I am 18 weeks PREGNANT & just had SURGERY.Still recovering. We moved across the U.S away from all family & friends, find out I am pregnant, then get terribly ill. I have two boys 3 & 2, and husband is working new job all the time, no one to help us. :(
    So SUM: recovering from surgery. Lonely, depressed, ILL.
    Wow what a whiner I am :) Love your blog btw!! :)

  9. I feel all of your pain and now wish I could give everyone a gift certificate and a hug.