Monday, June 6, 2011

Leg Work Arounds

I have been poking around the web looking for some cute ways to be summer chic and not feel insecure.The turquoise skirt makes me swoon, but it's $600. If anyone spots something similar could you be a dear and give me a shout. I'll love you forever.

I have also been fighting the urge big time to wear a headdress. I blame Elizabeth Taylor. I have been reading "Furious Love". The book about her and Richard Burton's love affair. It's amazing and makes me want to be fabulous like her. I had been headdress thinking for a little while. I think it's a natural evolution of my feather obsession really. I think the turquoise skirt and a headdress would instantly make me forget my leg hate. Kidding. I don't hate them.

Cleo eyes and a headdress, swoon

want. it. real bad.

I mean seriously, how amazing. Yeah I have on a headdress what do you have to say about it?

obsessed with this image. I may need a parrot to compliment my headdress, photo from


  1. I've been debating which book to take with me on my trip in July, and "Furious Love" is one of my top contenders. Seriously, has there ever been anyone as fierce & fabulous as Elizabeth Taylor? I think not.

  2. She still reigns supreme. I SERIOUSLY loved the book. I did not expect to and found it so interesting. I was sad when I finished it.