Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slowly But Surely

I am pulling my apartment together. I fear less and less my family is going to submit me to A&E for an episode of Hoarders. Sunday I was supposed to get a massage but the masseuse was sick so I spent the day inside out of the rain a cleaning machine. I got a lot done and more importantly I did not get overwhelmed. I still set my sights super unrealistically high and think I can perform an entire apartment makeover in a few hours. I kept saying to myself while working on tasks okay you have two hours to do this can you start, and complete it within that time? Putting times on it helped and kept me from abandoning it, or getting thrown off course. I got some of the immediate concerns out of the way and now need to get back to throwing stuff out and organizing. I have a ridiculous amount of acessories. I mean truly ridonk. I came across the below on etsy and think it just might be the thing I need. It's charming, and has organization purpose. It sure beats my college system of hammering nails into the wall and putting necklaces on them.

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