Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So Many Emotions

My co-worker and I have a routine of speaking in a robotic voice saying emotions, and when we are overwhelmed or things are getting heated inevitably we bust out with this, sometimes we do it just because we egg one another on. Imagine a wall-e esque rendering of the word emotion, eee-mo-shun. We follow a emotion outburst typically with too many eeee-moooo-shuns...This is also our code out and about when we are overwhelmed by attractive men in my case, ladies in his.

I have always been emotional. I am capable of periods of level headed calm but often emotions take over me. I have been this way forever. Imagine my surprise learning just how limited I am at describing how I am feeling. In moving on to the next level of learning to acknowledge emotion not disassociate from it and actually process I realized I have a limited arsenal of words. I think in broad comfortable terms. Happy, sad, mad, anxious, truly the basics with some subcategories for flavor.

At therapy this week Christina gave me a list I am very excited about. It's a list of human emotions. When I am not able to pinpoint what I am feeling I am supposed to look at this list for guidance. I am excited for this to learn more emotions, and to learn new words to incorporate into my vocabulary.

Emotions Pt. 1

Emotions Pt. 2 forgive the crooked scanning please. 


  1. This is kind of amazing. I think I may have to print the list out for myself.

    PS -- I'm totally picturing you saying the word emotion in a robotic, WALL-E esque voice right now and it's giving me the giggles.

  2. Right? I love seeing everything in one place. One of my favorites is maudlin. I do not think of it often enough. Seriously start saying to eee-mohhh-shuns to yourself and you'll die. We've been doing it months and it has yet to wear off.