Friday, August 26, 2011

There Will Be Boobs

Warning there are pictures of naked ladies at the bottom of this post. I went out last night to dinner with friends and then afterwards to support a friend. She was doing make up for a fashion show. The event was brought together all kinds of artists, and one of the things I first noticed walking in was the naked body painting.

Part of me wanted to do a very exaggerated eye roll to this. Really? Realllllllly?! We need naked ladies up on here to bring attention to the arts and to help artists, designers, illustrators, photographers, and more gain attention? I guess so.

What was really interesting was observing the ladies. They went in and out of feeling comfortable. What was even more interesting was when they had breaks and could mingle in the crowd, say hello to their friends, and so on they remained naked. I could neg on them because I do not know how it makes me feel but I won't. I will just say standing in a thong on a platform and letting someone paint me is not something I would ever do and struggle to understand. I do not find nudity shocking. I grew up going topless at the beach, frequently hang out naked in my own home, have no issue changing at the gym, I am far from a never nude. What I find interesting is that when you are naked and everyone is dressed that's a little different. There's been a shift and you are infinitely more vulnerable. These women were not so painted that there bodies were obscured. Their bodies were also all different and unique, they did all have amazing bums in common. It was interesting, shocking no, but thought provoking.

On a non boob related note, a hurricane's a comin'! I thought I was going to be heading to Raleigh to see an old friend and meet her bebe, but alas hurricane Irene had other plans. So this week I will have learned that earthquake tremors make me feel queasy and how to get through a hurricane. My main issue is how to fashion some sort of papoose for the dog if I have to evacuate. Wish me luck and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

I love that this woman is not struggling to breathe sucking her stomach in. 

naked lady line up

Just chillin' with no top a thong. 

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