Thursday, August 11, 2011

Amazing What Not Being a Weenie Gets You

I am not a big fan of going places by myself. Not a fan at all really. I get super nervous and anxiety ridden about it. All these random thoughts start going through my mind. I met a lovely girl through another friend of mine a few weeks ago. She and I hit it off and I got a message from her she was having a party and would love for me to stop by. My initial thought was oh no. I have met her once, won't know anyone there, and the friend I know her from won't be there. I felt like none of my usual social security blankets would be present. The thing is I wanted to go. I not only wanted to go, but I'd like to be friends with this girl. How do you become friends? By not being a weenie. By taking a chance. So I went to the party. I met her friends, they were lovely. I felt awkward at first, had some moments of what am I doing here, but overall I am so pleased I went. I am pleased I met some people I did not know before, I am pleased I did something outside my comfort zone, and I am glad I did it with a relatively low level of anxiety. I was nervous for sure, but I was pretty calm compared to when I have been faced with this before.

Being a little tired of what has been my norm makes it easier to break out of I think. I definitely stayed out too late on a school night but it was well worth it. It also inspired me to book a flight today to see a friend in North Carolina and a friend in LA. What am I waiting for and what are airline miles for? They are for seeing people! Having adventures and not being a weenie!

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