Monday, August 8, 2011

And I'm Back

So much to catch up on! I had a fantastic time, and I am a little blue to be back. I have a whole lot to write about, pictures to post, and everyone else's posts to read. It was so weird to not blog for a week. I did not realize how much a part of my life it had become. I did not have the most reliable internet for a few days and shock gasp I learned I can in fact live without it. I also came back to this which felt really awesome pic below. Stories and photos to come.  Hope everyone is fantastic, Gen loving your new blog and experiment, D lots of breakthroughs been going on with you I'm reading, and yes nommy, Hannah on her American adventure, so much to catch up on, Samara I am dying to see pics and hear about your European adventures...

An Emmy Nomination, not one you would see on the televised awards but I'll take it. 


  1. Welcome back:) And serious congratulations on the nomination - that's amazingly impressive.

  2. Going to the Emmys huh? No big deal, just nominated for an Emmy! That is amazing, congratulations! Thanks for the shout out as well :)

  3. Ooh lovely to have you back! Congrats on the nomination, WOW! Thanks for the mention too, yeah a lot been going on :-)