Tuesday, July 29, 2014

About That...

I never mean to stay away for so long. It just happens. For the most part my life is pretty much the same. At the same job, doing the same things, just sweating more. However there is a notable difference. I met somebody, and he's pretty great.

He's another reason for me to thank the interwebz for what it continues to bring into my life. When he and I first started seeing each other I joked with my friends that he was a Dreamboat, and essentially that's what his nickname has stayed. Seeing as I am in my thirties, yes last week I turned 34 but lets ignore that shall we? Gross. 34 is undeniably adult. Anywayz....he's pretty great and I haven't really ever dated anyone like him. All that stuff people tell you about how meeting someone should be it kinda has been. He does what he says, his actions match his words and the stuff that's important to me and I value he seems to as well.

At first it was literally dreamy. He was kinda perfect. Not that he isn't dreamy anymore but reality does creep in. He's divorced and sometimes I feel like I am dating him and his divorce which kinda sucks but everyone has baggage I suppose. For right now I can deal and I am totally cool with how we're pacing things if that changes I'll reassess. All I can do right? He's not ready for a serious relationship and it's tough to block out my friends voices saying that means he doesn't want one with me. I don't think that is the case. I think he is genuinely afraid to dive back in, and truthfully I don't blame him. I also have my own concerns. I definitely really like him, but where he's at trying to fix himself post divorce do I want to sign up for that? I don't have answers yet so no point in running away in the meantime.

We went away together 2 weeks ago and managed to spend 3 nights together in a cabin without any disasters. It was really fun and insightful starting to learn that stuff. When he's relaxed and sleepy he seems distant. He's actually content. I'm learning where my own stuff creeps into the picture. He was supposed to go away with me last weekend but we bailed out of that because he was having a bit of a freak out. It felt good for me to lay down some boundaries and to also be really clear on this is his ish and it's not a reflection of me, my worth or how he feels about me. Progress!

Who knows what will happen or if we'll continue bobbing along but I hope so. Outlook, cautiously optimistic.

How's everyone else doing? Summer's been dreamy?


  1. Happy belated birthday! I turned 34 in March and I still feel like I am 21 lol. I am happy you found someone :). Summer has been great! But really it's going to be August soon?? Nice to see your bAck.

  2. Thanks Joy! I can't believe we're now in Mid-August. I'm not too mad about fall being nearby though.