Thursday, January 31, 2013

Week Three Whimper

Not gonna lie, week three was a bit of a bust. I was sickie most of the week, thoroughly exhausted and struggling. It's one thing to know intellectually your energy may dip, you might not feel the greatest   , but I still found myself surprised. I was like uhmmmm no, see I am doing a 12 week thing and I need my body to work.

I still worked out, and puttered along. Jesse was also sick so we only trained once. I also ate some feelings. I was craving sweets in an almost desperate, frantic way. Looking to self soothe much? I have an old friend struggling in her life, my ex called me, the date never called and I was left stirred. I'll be honest I was bummed. I was bummed to never hear from him and to be struggling to tell myself that it wasn't because I'm too fat. I hate that I default there. While I do go there and may always do that, I do not linger there. I hate when I just feel blue. I want there to be a specific reason so I can address it and move on. I think there were contributing factors but I kind of wanted to crawl into bed and never get out all week and some weeks that's just how it goes.

 Into the weekend I was feeling better and picking myself back up emotionally. Friday I was a little tempted to go out but knew what I really wanted since I was super grumpy, tired, and sniffly was to stay in. Saturday.....I was a waste of human life. I slept until a truly gross hour. Why does sleeping super late give you low self esteem? I missed yoga, and didn't even make it to the gym. I did however clean my apartment, and get other things done. Had a lovely dinner with my mom, where I just enjoyed her company laughed with her, enjoyed some mussels, and relaxed. Afterwards met up with lovely Aussies who are such partypants. I love Aussies. Seriously, all of you. I want to know though do you have 2 livers? Dear lord. I kept it cool, but got home late.

Sunday Funday beckoned! I had a crazy and long Sunday. I was up and on the move early. A friend  needed a favor, a shower more specifically. We met at my gym, caught up, got her checked in, and so on, and it ate into my workout. I did manage 20 mins of high intensity. I mean something is better is nothing right?  Then I was off to brunch to meet a lot of friend's of a friend. I was a little people eeeeeek! I was proud of myself that I did not partake in the champagne and prosecco. We were Knicks game bound that night and I don't day drink well. I bonded with the hostess, eating nutella from the jar with a spoon. She's like we're friends now, here's a spoon and feel free to double dip. My kinda girl.

This week has been back to regularly scheduled programming. More on that later. Tonight I am off to see Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, and wore a dress, like a real lady girl with no jeggings underneath. There may be hope for me yet....

Real lady girl outfit for the theater. 

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