Friday, February 1, 2013

Very Important Question (Not Really)

I've been seriously toying with the idea of cutting my hair off. I made an appointment for next weekend. It needs it. My ends are a lot like a broom and it's best I have a week to marinate on a chop. That being said should I go for the below? Do you think it will make me look like Olivia Wilde?

Can I have the cheekbones to please?


  1. I second it!! I think that would be a great cut on you :)

  2. DO IT.

    My ONLY caveat is that you may want to make sure you have enough length to pull it (or the majority of it) back when you're at the gym.

  3. This is pretty much the same picture I was working from myself (and a horde of others I saved to my piniterest. if you need a few more around this length! As you saw, I chopped my locks off. Needed it too. I needed the change. I'm glad I did it but I occasionally pine for my long hair, but it's only when I want to go alllll glam. I just have to practice 'glamming' the shorter hair and find my groove. This length is long enough to tie up into a pony no prob. I even have the bangs, they just clip back. Word of advice from a fellow ex long haired girl, is that I bailed on every planned haircut at the hairdressers. I'd obsessed about shorter hair for like... 3 years. The ONLY thing that got me to do it, was an urge, and I did it MYSELF. I tied into ponytails and pulled to the front loose. Cut under the hairtie. Then I went to hairdresser to tidy the ends. GOODLUCK and if you are brave enough to let the hairdresser do it I will be in awe of you! :D

  4. Thanks chickadees!

    @Hannah I CANNOT believe you cut your own. Brave lady.

  5. Oooooh, that is one swish do; have you made an appointment yet?

    I would love to cut my hair like that but it turns into a bouffant mushroom if there's no length to pull it down:(

  6. Reckon that would suit you, look forward to hearing about the appointment. I've been thinking about the same thing, long hair gets very tiresome sometimes but I'm with SNS, unless I straighten it I have A LOT of air in my hair!!!!