Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Typical to my nature, I love/hate stats. I think they can be really cool. I generally do not hugely pay attention to my blogs, I moderately pay attention to my own. It's a lovely thing when they take a turn in your favor. What am I muttering about, well lemme expand below with some numbers I've been digging. 

1. 3.5  the number of inches I've lost since 1/08/13, the only thing that grew on my body was my right calf and it did by a 1/4 inch. What. The. Hell. Shrink you calf jerk. 

2. A new blogger, Ami has listed me in her blogroll and it's sending many a person to gander at my insanity. This makes me so happy, because her blog is delightful! Please go check her out at:

3. a million, approximate times I have listed to the below mix, I suggest downloading all of Jeff's mixes.  

4. 6...days I have felt like crap. I hate having a weirdo cold/virus hybrid thing. I sound like Demi Moore  and feel clammy. I also blame it for eating a whole bag of dark chocolate almonds. Whatevs, almonds happen. 

5. 3 amazing bottles of live algae and green goodness down. I want a million more. 

who knew e3 was delicious?


  1. I was reading this thinking, wow, another Amy-spelled-with-an-I and then I realized, wait, that's me!

    I'm glad you said hi; I may have remained a silent reader if you had not. Your blog is great! I've always been too intimated to comment :)

  2. Ami, you are THE CUTEST! Please girl, you can always say hi any ole time.