Monday, January 14, 2013

Week One

I have crafted what I am calling a 12 week total body makeover. We'll see how much actually gets made over. What I am really trying to do is redefine and explore what my limits are. My theory is as a reaction to years of terrible behavior abusing my body and learning to protect it, I ventured into overprotecting it. 

I'm always afraid of going back to where I was. Ignoring signs, obsessive behavior, and unhealthy practices that I often shoot things down. Push myself harder, oh no I might fall into diet mentality. Quit eating chocolate at night, oh no I might feel deprived. What a lot of these things have in common is that there are a lot mights, and a lot less knowns.

I was talking to my trainer Jesse, and asked him in his opinion how quickly could one expect to see noticeable physical results being disciplined but not crazy obsessive. He said 8 weeks on average. He said some people could as early as 4-6, some would take 9 so his answer was 8. 8 weeks. That's really not a lot of time now is it? I said okay how quickly could someone have a significant transformation and he said 12. 12 weeks is not a lot of time. Especially if you break down into 4 week chunks. I started really thinking about that, and how much the one thing that I regret in my own process is how much time I wasted. I didn't change because I was not ready so there's no point in hugely getting down about it, but something about thinking the stuff that bugs me right now could be different in 8-12 weeks really hit home with me. 

So I began last week. I brought my lunch to work, emailed my food journal daily, worked out with Jesse three times, got my cardio in, yoga in, and honestly felt pretty great. I did not feel deprived, I felt energetic clear headed and purposeful. It felt really good after being murky and bloated from the holidays. I lost two pounds which I definitely was happy about to keep me motivated. 

This week it's more of the same. I actually made it to the gym this morning, I am just as shocked as you are. Tomorrow I am attempting to workout in the morning again. Still bringing my lunch to work, and emailing my food journal daily. This weekend I definitely let loose and had a little too much fun in my opinion and hope it does not sideline my goals. I am aiming for 1.5 pounds loss per week so I have to really batten down the hatches to make up for my boozy mcgee weekend, but such is life and I don't regret it. I had fun, I loosened up, but discipline reigns Monday-Friday. 


  1. That sounds like a great plan! Congrats on the 2 pound loss and all the committment you are putting in :)