Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Reminder in Expectations

Today is my birthday. This time last year I was partying it up in Fire Island and having an epic adventure. I knew this year there was no point in trying to match it and there was no need.This year I'm at work, it's 9000 degrees outside and I've been a little blue lately. I woke up this morning to 8 text messages, 37 Facebook BD wishes, voicemails, and emails. Amazing, and the wishes keep rolling in. I knew this year I did not want to do much but to do nothing would have been a mistake. I am having lunch with my mom today and this is super cool because I never get to be with my family on my birthday. Tonight co-workers, friends and I are going out, and Saturday night a drop in with friends. One of my newer friends is driving 2 hours to make it to our post work soiree. Again, amazing. Having little expectations and just going with it is making this a lovely day. I got flowers that look like my dog, one of my co-workers made me a poster of a photo of his that gives me the giggles, and there was a cupcake on my desk when I came in. Somehow I had a normal breakfast and not the cupcake. I might just be maturing after all.

Custom poster. Lovesit. 

Dumplin' as represented in the flower arts. 


  1. Happy Birthday:)

    Sounds like it got off to a great start and is only going to keep getting better. Have a fantastic time celebrating (as if you need to be told that!)


  2. I didn't believe you could make a bouquet of flowers look like a dog when you first said it, but then I saw the picture and you sure can! Happy Birthday and have a great birthday weekend! :)

  3. Thanks lovies! Appreciate the wishes!