Monday, July 25, 2011

I should also mention

It's like being a mermaid in a wrap. 
The amazing wrap my mom got me for my bday. I barely buy scarves or wraps because my mom is seriously the undefeated queen/champion of both picking and wearing them. Until she started gifting me scarves I really did not get the point besides warmth. Now my absolute favorites are mom gifts. They are soft, and beautiful and I get to channel her effortless scarf ease. Anyway here is a picture of it. It's sea foam colored, dries van noten which I could NEVER afford but regularly lust after, ANNNNDDDD has sequins. Life does not get better. She suggested I take it on the plan to France Thursday but planes are dirty places and it deserves a much more fabu maiden voyage.



    Maybe it can be stowed safely in your carry-on and worn post-flight?

  2. Ooh that is so pretty, and I'm sure you will perfectly match it with other beautiful accessories or toe nails and the like :-)