Monday, July 18, 2011

Sort of a Weird Compliment

My blog's stats are some of the more pleasurable stats in my life. They generally are pretty cool and entertaining. Learning what countries read it, what links link back to it, and so on. Everyone once and a while a sort of odd url will pop up that I do not have an obvious connection to. This happened to me recently.

I had noticed childhood obesity news had been linking back to me. At first I did not see what it was and then today a new link popped up. They referenced my blog amongst others in their guide to social networking and obesity which is a multipart series. Seems cool right? Well it's sort of weird because it's written like a review of my blog and I guess putting it out there I have to be prepared for that. The article also starts with, " All over the Web, people are sharing thoughts and emotions  about their unhealthful and unnatural relationship with food, and especially their realization that food addiction is real. Unfortunately, many of these confessions are long on what the afflicted are “trying” and short on any revelations about what actually works." I do not really agree with that statement at all, I also find the trying in quotes a little suspect. I think generally the blogs out there are big on the trying because THERE IS NO ONE ANSWER. That's the big secret. There is no magical pill, diet, revelation, any of it. There is help, resources, techniques to try, and behavior modifications which have to happen but there is no answer. What actually works is doing it for yourself, and having the strength to keep pushing to define what that is. For some it's calorie cycling, interval work out routines, or weight watchers. For others, it's a nutritionist, intuitive eating, and reprogramming your brain. There is no one answer and what works for everyone is different. I found it sort of odd someone trying to be a resource did not think about that or approach it from a a variety of blogs give you a variety of options to try or think about. I read a lot of blogs for that reason. Not everything works or is right for me but I learn and I am challenged by it.

As for how they found my own blog I am also a little puzzled by their take on my own blog. This sort of threw me off, " It’s kind of difficult to pick up on what FFA is actually doing without sifting through dozens of blog entries, but we do pick up hints here and there. She works out regularly at a gym with a trainer." I think what I intentionally set out for my blog to be is part of what puzzles them. I never set out to list what I ate, my stats, weight, work outs, measurements all of that. I do not do that for a very conscious reason. It's not the point it's part of it. The point is the weight is the symptom not the problem and I wanted to be freed of being obsessed with it. I wanted to reclaim who I am and my body and that does not really pertain to listing what I'm doing. I offer a place to share what I have learned, and commiserate with others going through something similar, but it's for all of us to find what works for us long term. I was sort of saddened by what was taken away. I felt like so much of what I have accomplished and discussed was totally missed and in my opinion it's what has connected me with more people and maybe been able to help or serve as more of a resource. I think my blog serves a purpose because it's true to life and supports my mission statement of resolving never to diet. Life is not a diet, it's good days, bad days, and learning to manage. There are no easy answers, solutions, or quick fixes, but should you find one make sure to link back to it. Your stats would go nutso.


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