Monday, June 20, 2011

One Way To Celebrate Father's Day

As I have mentioned before my father passed away when I was younger. We generally as a family do not do anything for Mother's day or Father's Day. My mom does not try to claim both or anything. This past Sunday though I found myself sharing a tradition with my mom that was lovely. My mom attends every year a function called Broadway Bares. It's essentially what it sounds like. Over 200 Broadway performers put on the most high production value burlesque show you have ever seen.

My mom's friend invited me this year and I felt sort of weird about it. I did not want to invade her territory and after years of hearing about how crazy it was I was not sure about going with my mom. It was far tamer then I expected truthfully. All the bits are always artfully covered. There were several highlights though. The theme was masterpiece, and the vignettes were based around art periods or specific pieces of art. A skit began talking about when drawing women look for curves, and something about rubenesque women. Cue the curvy ladies. They were in thongs, pasties, corsets,  you name it, pretty much like all the other girls. They were also every spectrum of the curvy girl. The audience went nutso. My Mom said to me wow they really love these ladies. My mom is definitely a sizeist so it was interesting seeing her reaction. I was also processing my own. I at first was like what are they doing? Then I relaxed and put my ish to the side. These women ranging in size, and body type were amazing. They danced, shook it and did not seem to have one iota of hesitance. The audience seriously ate it up. It was pretty amazing. It's not like I thought people were going to chuck things at them or anything, but part of this event is getting to see hot people strip, specifically men. It warmed my heart and made me think while wearing a thong in public is not for me. I can take something away from the confidence these women had in their bodies. I loved seeing the curvy women, and my mom dancing to Lady Gaga and Katy Perry and hope to spend more days like that with her. 

What greeted you when you walked in 

The whole cast. Notice the all the bums. 

Not knowing what I was getting into. 

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