Friday, February 25, 2011

It's no peanut

I love almonds. I love them raw, I love their milk, I love the butter. Almond butter is actually one of my least preferred methods of eating them but still delicious and easier for your boy to digest the peanut butter. I have written before about not liking 100 calorie packs. I think they are crap. They are not real food and most people do not stop at one because they are not really that good or filling. Sorry, got lost in my 100 calorie rant. I do believe in 2 kinds of 100 calorie packs though, almonds and nut butters. They are the best way to portion control and still have something super tasty and good for you. Fat is important, you need it to lose weight and for your body to work properly it's just important where you get it from. I also find a little fat helps me feel more satiated.

Nuts are a complicated thing though, they are tough to keep at a healthy portion and super delicious. I do keep peanut butter in my house, but it's natural and the one I like but do not love. This makes it a whole lot less likely I will be eating spoonfuls of it all night or on everything. I also practice when in doubt throw it out. If It looks like I am getting too frisky with it I throw it out. It saves me, no really this is the last spoonful debate in my head and the heart burn which ensues after massive amounts of peanut butter. I also give myself permission to have it. I think this alone makes it so much easier to manage. I used to NEVER have peanut butter, nuts or dried fruit in my apartment. Oh no, not even a chance. Last night I needed to buy pecans for my breakfast quinoa obsession and they had some candied ones...I thought about it, they sure would be delicious, but the chances of me snacking on them mindlessly was pretty high. I went with the plain ones. I enjoy them in my breakfast, but do not feel the need to snack on them excessively and I even bought the ginormous bag and I logged it. Yes you are bringing a huge bag of pecans into the house, but I also said to myself but you got this you can have them when you want.

It's weird to see your relationship with trigger foods evolve. Some of my trigger foods have never been so in my life, but I am eating far less of them. I have peanut butter in the cabinet, raw almonds and almond butter at work, giant bags of pecans around me, and I do not even think about it. It does not occur to me to lose my ish and just rapid fire consume them, because I found a place for them in my life. Here's where my brain really gets wonky...I used to sometimes eat half a jar of peanut butter in a night, but I would not allow myself to eat nuts because they were too high in fat. I laugh so hard at myself these days. I really can work myself into a full on tizzy laughing at the bs logic like that I used to hide behind. A handful of almonds was not causing my problems the bags and bags of junk and other food I consumed might have been more responsible.

Calories, fat, protein, carbs, these are all words and they are all things you have to have to be healthy. People get so caught up in latching on to an idea of no carbs, or no fat not knowing how it all fits together what works in their body. You have to have fat to live and I am pretty content that I can now get it from almonds. We are in such deep like and I foresee a very happy none bingey future.


  1. Have you posted your breakfast quinoa recipe before? I can't find it amongst your recent posts, but I'd love to try it.

  2. Insightful as always, Anna! I really like the way you stop and really feel what your body wants/needs before making decisions ... and hooray to a happy non-bingey future!

  3. I long for the day when I can have whatever I want in my cupboards and not freak out and binge on them. You're an inspiration, I know I'll get there and find my peace with food but right now it's all such a struggle. It's great to read posts like this that remind me one day it will all be ok.

  4. Samara- I posted it in Need More Protein but will email it to you.

    Heather- Thanks so much! You're such a love for realz. I am getting better at the listening. I don't know what it all means yet, but lawdy am I trying.

    D- I still have things that are a no go, and here's a little secret just about everyone on the planet does to! Everyone I have asked about this has something they can not bring into their house without losing their ish. Ice cream, chips and cookies being the most common ones I hear about. Marisa, my nutritionist can not have cookies in her house without losing control. Love that about her. Anyway you will find the list gets smaller and smaller and your trust, relaxation and ease bigger and bigger. I know it. It will most definitely be okay.