Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Resolution Check In

It's the first day of February and it's time to check in with my resolutions....

1. Minute is not shaved off mile, probably a few seconds, but a ways to go to the minute.

2. Lots more yoga in my life! At least once a week, practicing the breathing, and really liked the meditative aspects.

3. No real progress on alone trip, lots of thoughts, not much action.

4. Continuing to date myself, we are in deep like. I am learning how to listen.

5. Continuing to pursue the healthy life and strengthening my identity outside weight. I am less and less concerned by weight, and more and more concerned by health.

6. Another work in progress but I care a little less every day what people say or validate about me. Care a lot more what I think.

7. No cooking course progress, but cooking more. A small victory.

8. Nurture healthy relationships, trying and making efforts, peeps are busy, I'm busy doing what I can.

9. I am a slayer of the toxics. Working on this all the time, distance, boundaries, and good byes.

10. Trying to push my writing and videos...lemme know if it's better or tedious for you.

11. Doing things I am afraid of and admitting that I am afraid of them.

12. Every day I feel a little more confident and connected to me. Some days it's tiny other days it's a bear hug of self acceptance. I'll take what I can.

13. Organize my apartment...this is not really going at all. I have admitted I am not powerless but clueless at it. Marisa gave me a tip. We'll see how it goes. More later.

14. Working on reflecting me. Thinking of decorating reward system for organization. I want the bedding above from anthropologie, REAL BAD! What a fun riot of color to sleep in.

15. Teeth are in progress, practically drooling right now from said progress.

16. Get better at saving money, working on it...there's a little more left over each week which is cool.

17. Push myself out of strength/cardio zone, working on it, but could definitely be working harder. I am taking baby steps and could take larger strides.

18. Redefining goals, right now I want to be able to hold a plank for 5 minutes. It's a lifetime in a plank but I am going to do it.

19. Have not met with surgeons, but not as bothered by the skin.

20. I am really thinking about my career and what direction I need to go in to feel passionately about what I do. I have more questions then answers right now but know I'll get there.

How's everyone else doing? Or any new thoughts for this year?


  1. Love number 5!!!!!!! :-) I yearn for the day when my identity is not swallowed by my weight and the need to lose weight.

  2. Bethanny- yeah it sort of took on a life of it's own. I am going to need a year to get it accomplished. There's no race to the finish line though it was more to make me get what's in my head on paper.

    D- Thank you! It happens a little bit more for me every day. Do not lose sight of it. You are making all those moves to create your own identity and shape it. You are more then your weight, and weight loss. You are a smart, witty and extremely cool lady. Weight has so little to do with it.