Thursday, February 17, 2011

Doctor Weary

I used to be the kind of person who just blindly believed Doctor's. I did not like them because they more often the not lectured me about my weight, but I trusted they knew what was right. As a kid when my mom would take me to specialists, they very often completely broke my trust telling her anything and everything we had discussed and talking in front of me to her as if I was not there. I just sort of thought well they're doctor's they can do that.

When I had cancer I had to see more doctor's then I ever would have wanted to, but I lucked out and saw truly magnificent ones. My oncologist remains one of my favorite people on the planet for his commitment to his patients. If it weren't for him renewing my faith in the medical field I would kick it pioneer style and try to cure myself.

I need to get a new GP for a few reasons. I'm lazy and generally in good health so I never get around to this. Today I had to get a physical because Marisa was about to frogmarch to a doctor over it. This is about being healthy right? Well I have to know what's going on to really be informed. It started pleasant enough, my Doctor is nice don't get me wrong, but I think she is bad at her job. There I said it, the former doctor's know everything person is changing. If I had my way Kymberly, my acupuncturist would treat any and everything wrong with me. My doctor praised me for losing weight, which was cool. Then she said so how did you do it, I said well I started seeing a nutritional therapist. She says that's interesting, what a smart approach. I gave her Marisa's info because one of the terrible nutritionists I previously saw is on her roster. I had already told her I thought this person was beyond bad and recommending her was irresponsible. Then she asked me are you binging now? I said no, and then she said yeah well I suspected you were before, I'm glad you're not anymore. Uhm, excuse me? This statement makes me really heated because when I saw her THREE years ago at my wit's end over 300 pounds and desperate for help, I said I do not want to do gastric, she replied with, have you thought about gastric? I kid you not. It made me feel like well I'm on my own here even my doctor has no advice.

Hearing her ask if I binged and confirm she suspected that's what was going on though changed this for me. I can forgive ignorance. I really can, if you don't know you don't know, but she knew and did nothing. Would this not have been the time to call me out and ask me if I binged and maybe suggested I seek help for that? It would have taken someone good at their job. Someone who listened to read between the lines and then actually take the time to suggest treatment and care. My weight forever is and will be my responsibility and truthfully I could have kept seeing her for meds when I get strep throat or something, but I felt like you knew when I didn't and was desperate for an answer and you did nothing. Shame on you. Shame on your checked out over worked, poorly working system. I care too much about my health these days to trust you with it.

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