Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Protein Wins This Round

I saw Marisa yesterday and I was 3 pounds down. I hesitate to name the number but I am so impressed with the change I have to. I aim to stay in the 1-2 range, because otherwise my cray cray starts coming out. I get hung up on bettering the result or I go negative and want to kick the dirt if it's 1/2 a pound. I handle numbers better these days but I am honest enough to know my own brand of cray cray is never too far away lurking suck me back in to old habits and thinking.

I found eating smaller more frequent meals really worked for me. I was less hungry at meals, and it really helped me manage my cravings. I gravitated less towards sweets and the times I did because my overall hunger was being better managed it was easier to check in. The first few days I felt like everything I ate stayed with me for a nanosecond and then I was hungry again. Egon, my trainer, and Marisa both said this would be your metabolism kicking up a notch. Of course my concern was that I was a hungry beast monster. By the end of the week though I was feeling pretty good. I like to eat, this is no secret so having to eat every 2-3 hours definitely works for me. I need to avoid ruts, like greek yogurt. I ate a lot of it last week which is fine, but I do not want to rely on that and need to diversify my high protein snack repertoire. I threw some babybel cheeses into the mix and when I realized I was eating the full fat versions not the reduced didn't meltdown. Yay progress!

I went out Friday night, drank a fair amount of vodka and had pizza at 5am and still managed to lose weight. I did however, work out 6 days last week and cut my sweets so it all balances out somewhere in there. Working out 6 days a week is not something I can do every week, but I am glad I managed it last week. I planned my week because changing my habits, when I was eating and what I was eating necessitated it. I made my breakfasts, I penciled in Friday off from the gym to go out and live life, and I took my lunch to work when I knew we were having a pizza day. It still amuses me I was flushed with victory bringing my lunch to work Friday and then ended up eating pizza later. I think subconsciously I might have known that was going to happen. Lets face it when you are a few cocktails in, kale and quinoa does not sound too tasty or at least it did not to me. I chose to think of it as a very early breakfast.

I am going to continue with this for now. It works for me, and not because it helps me lose weight. That is part of it. It works for me, because I feel better, I feel like my body runs better. Eating earlier in the am helps me think clearer, all these are good things. The weight loss felt good, don't get me wrong, but it just supported what I already knew. I lost three pounds because the planets aligned and I worked hard last week. This is a new week how am I going to work hard this week? I already have new challenges, I feel like crap, a cold is coming, I had to take a client out who wanted BBQ, really dude? Really? But all hope is not lost. I can still plan ahead. I might not feel like the gym a whole lot so I can make smarter food choices this week to compensate for that and give my body well deserved rest instead of melting down and panicking. I got this...for now.

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  1. Working out helps for sure, as does the smaller meals. I am trying to shrink the black hole known as my stomach.