Friday, February 4, 2011

Water is Awesome

We all know we're supposed to drink water. This is not new information. I have been reading about it because I drink a lot of water, but I also drink caffeine and sweat a lot when exercising. Also being overweight means you need to add more water per 25 pounds overweight. I found the below calculation:

Daily Water Requirements: Drink 50-75% of your body weight in ounces. Sedentary people: 50%; Active people: 75%

I have been doing this and got to say I feel much better. My skin looks better, I feel fuller, and my work outs have improved because I am properly hydrated. One thing I really like is I drink pro-greens in the morning. I get mine from Trader Joe's and they are berry flavored. Pro-greens are pretty powerful stuff, packed with antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. I feel better when I am taking them, and my hair and nails grows faster. Why? Cause of nutrients, nutrients, nutrients. That knocks out 16 ounces of my water, and then I follow it with another 32 ounces as I get ready for work. Then at work it makes me get up leave my desk, giving my eyes a rest, and making me move. You got to move to lose I say to myself when I'd rather stay put.

I thought I was already being super water vigilant and this has been really eye opening. The way to take caffeine into account is whatever you had, a 8 ounce cup of coffee, is going to pull out 16 ounces of fluid. Interesting no? My acupuncturist explained this to me when begging me to cut down my caffeine. Before when I was really off my coffee rocker I was drinking 40-50 ounces of coffee a day. True story and yes I am grossed out. There is no way I was drinking enough water to compensate. No way. Now I am down to 16 ounces, so I feel better by starting my day with the 32 ounces to sort of start at a water baseline.

Try your own water experiment, it's pretty interesting. Yes, at first you will pee pretty frequently, but I read and have found your bladder does adjust. I am now reconsidering my plan to wear adult diapers and feeling pretty good about my water plans.

If you're really feeling super adventurous get on the pro-green train. It's a really easy thing to do/drink to boost your overall health.

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