Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Little Bit About Me

It's funny because all I write about is me, but it's this one facet. It's the weight loss, healthy living striving me. There is oh so much more to me then that, like all of us. I recently got an email from someone who reads the blog and she asked to know more, to share more about myself outside of this. I had been thinking about this recently. I feel sometimes like I have two lives. The life I live, here in NYC, at work, with friends, hobbies and so on, and then my internet life. How do you merge these two? I have enjoyed in some ways having the two places to put things. It makes me feel like it's more organized then it ever really can be anyway. In starting the sharing process I guess the best place to start is how I spend my days.

I am an Executive Producer of a motion graphics and design company. We do mostly animation for broadcast, experiential design, some 3D and visual effects. I feel hugely passionate about design and the need for it in day to day life. I also love working in production and television. It's trying, stressful, but it also is completely rewarding. I love working in a team and with really smart people who are so smart, quirky and comfortable with their unique way they see the world. I have been doing this for almost 9 years.  I started as an assistant answering phones and quickly realized I was in this for the long haul. I worked for Sony Music Studios for 5 years until it literally was brought crumbling down. The label sold it to become condos, which NYC really does not need. The sell actually gave me a huge opportunity to start Mantra from the ground up. It was scary to be 27 years old and in a big position of authority and leadership, but I loved it, and love it now. I oversee about peeps in NYC and manage our facility in Shanghai as well. When people ask me what I do I tell them I herd wild cats for a living. It feels like this some days, but really I am a visual interpreter. I take the info clients give me and work with our Creative Director, and team to make these words, feelings, emotions, and vibes have a visual language. It uses my brain in a different way and has really shaped me as an adult teaching me new ways to communicate. Now the excel docs and budget stuff drains the life out of me sometimes, but I also love the order it provides to the creative process which while exciting and intoxicating is chaotic.

It took me a while to learn how to balance my professional goals with having a life and my healthier goals. I have worked it out better now. I used to work a million hours a week now I am better at using my time wisely and not just always avoiding my life pouring myself into work. I have learned how to let go, delegate and grow my own self because I have a life to get to. I am lucky that I have worked with most peeps for a while and they have completely supported me and been right there along with me. As Fred, my business partner and Creative Director says, " When you spend this much time together you're not friends, you're family." This is true we're our own magic making little family. If you want to see the work we do check out the below.


  1. Thanks for sharing, Anna! It's nice to learn a little bit about the "other" you. Your drive and passion are very admirable qualities!

  2. Thanks Heather, they get me into trouble sometimes but very glad I have them.