Thursday, March 24, 2011

Food Lover's Cleanse

I have taken recipes from this but not done it. Thinking about it. I could use the discipline a cleanse brings. Taking some of the decision making out of my food choices might help me in my emotional connections. I could go on eating autopilot but in a healthy way. Just kicking this around. I am not a big detox person. I have done a few and it's really more about your ego then your body. Your body is pretty awesome and amazing at detox'ing itself if left to it's own devices. You have organs specifically made for it, thanks kidneys! I guess I just want to shake it up and do more of a food spring clean. Learn some new recipes, eat some clean food and have a plan to support it.

I was inspired by Elle over at because she had an incident with some fries. I eat pretty well, but I also eat intuitively so there are occasional blips in the radar because I like junk, sweets, and fried food occasionally. It is a tough balance of giving yourself permission, managing cravings, but keeping a healthy perspective. I do not have to indulge each and every craving and do act on a denial not depriving tip, but when you are still figuring out what that means it can get confusing. For example, I like sweets, I am not prepared to cut them out of my life because then I will meltdown and eat a lot of sweets, however sometimes when I permit a sweet it leads to more sweets. This is a constant balancing act. I try to keep away from processed to help this. I guarantee you I eat a candy bar, or store bought pastry and I am eating far more then if I have dark chocolate or a more wholesome treat. Some of this craving thinking has me inclined to do a reset and eat super clean to figure out what do I really want. When you want sweet your body just wants sweet, your brain/you are the one who assigns the meaning. Your body does not know the difference between a grape and a brownie it just wants sweet, we're the ones who decide that the sweet we want is cake, chocolate, nutella whatever. Sometimes fruit will do the trick, sometimes tea, but other times something else is needed how do you meet those needs but keep your goals in check? I find the less I indulge them the easier it gets but when I am giving in to them all the time I get more confused, and end up craving things more. Its about finding the balance between indulging and the tipping point, I want to better understand what that is for me.

Below is a link to the cleanse. What I like the most about it is that it's a cleanse for food lovers, yay eating! I am not so down with the all juice cleanses. Juice is awesome and all but it's not what's for dinner.

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  1. Finally got around to looking at this, I like the idea, I'm drawn to it but I know it's not for me, love some of the recipes though, thanks for the link :-)