Monday, March 7, 2011

The Meaty Vegan

I've talked about my buds Tyler and Melissa and their site The Meaty Vegan. They have just updated it with blog entries, a new logo and pics. Take a look and let me know what you think pretty please. I would really appreciate your honest feedback because most if not all of you are all up on the healthy blogs and know what you are looking for from one. Comments, suggestions, and what you look for from a healthy living and eating blog are super welcome and appreciated.


  1. Lovely blog you have here!


  2. I'm loving the new logo and recipe/photo sections.

    (Have you tried the roasted leeks? I LOVE leeks, so they're definitely going on my "dishes to try" list -- as are many of their other recipes.)

    P.S. They're kind of an insanely adorable couple, huh?

  3. Dylana- Thank you! Looooove your blog. For Realz. Love.

    Samara- Thanks to these two I am obsessed with roasted leeks. Yes they are adorbs and luverly people.