Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Nails Like Jewels

I was going to work out last night but because walking was still a challenge I skipped it. I am a creature of habit I tend to get my nails done (when I do) on the weekend. I had a hour to kill before acupuncture so I went and got my nails done. There's a lot to be said for doing a little pampering on a Monday evening. It may not quite be spring just yet, but it is on my nails and it made me oh so happy last night and today. For a hot second I forgot about how much my legs hurt and Mondays are trying. 


  1. GORGEOUS. Love the color. How did you choose it? (I always feel totally overwhelmed by all of the options.)

  2. Thank you! I tend to know what I'm looking for color wise. I really wanted to do the essie mint green one, but since it sort of matches my current winter skin tone I passed. I knew I wanted a super punchy peachy coral. I love essie tart deco, but that particular bottle looked old and ick so I went with one super close to it and like it more, haute as hello I think?

  3. Very pretty nails :-) I try painting mine but I do to much gardening, playing in the sandpit or washing paint brushes for them to last more than a day :-( stick to my toes, much easier to maintain. Plus my fingers look even more sausage like if I paint them a dark colour, I love brown nails but it doesn't work.