Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Nails Like Jewels

This is for Joyski. It's also because I really, really, really love when my hands do not look beat to hell. It makes a nice change from when I want to constantly keep my finger's folded and just pass people things with my knuckle nubbins. Classiness. I has it.

I also noticed in taking this photo I have on A LOT of accessories. Geez. It's like I channeled my inner drag queen this morning. Sort of lovesit. Makes me feel very gypsy. I also failed to notice my shirt I just got from zara (compulsive zara shopping is a new problem) that I thought was a punchy lemon is more neon. I noticed that walking down 14th this morning. There was no not noticing me.


  1. Pretty!!! Thanks for posting the picture :) It's such a fun colour!! I'm going next Wednesday with my mom and sister to get mani's and pedi's I can't wait. My feet are getting bad!! When I rub against my comforter All I hear is scratch, scratch lol I love the accessories! and neon colours are in this season :)

  2. I have dinosaur feet. Have to get that remedied, but have not had the time or patience lately. It's so nice to get your nails done. Enjoy next week!

  3. Ah a nice mani perks up your day wether you get it done or diy.
    Nothing wrong with lots of accessories :-)

  4. LOVE the colour! Reminds me I should really do something about my nails. lol.