Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whoah a 100!

I never thought one person would read this much less a 100. It's pretty amazing and totally awesome. I've said it before I will say it again. Thank you. Thank you from a very pure and true place in my usually sarcastic heart. You'll never know what it does and has meant to me.

Okay so on to other bits and bobs. Food wise I am eating really clean still. I am also being pretty vigilant about my portions. I took a lovely long walk with the pup today. I am feeling pretty good, still sore and tired. It's two weeks today and I can't believe it. Truthfully a little over it. I want the sleeves off, I want a free range of motion back, but then I remind myself it's been two weeks. Slow your roll lady.

Not much going on and a lot at the same time. The work I am doing at IFC is pretty darn cool and I am excited about it. I have a lot of plans coming up. I get to see some of my favorite fellas tomorrow night that I have not seen in ages. Super excited to see their faces. Saturday going to this art festival on Roosevelt island and then going to see Feist. I am bummed for my friend Kim she broke up with her girlfriend, but I am not mad at benefiting by being her date to Feist. I am trying to get Knicks tickets for Thursday night, because well they need me. We'll see.

I went to the dermatologist today for a follow up. I had a nubbin' removed right before surgery that came back as a malignancy. Not cancerous but malignant so I had to have a punch test to make sure everything was removed. 1. I love my doctor. She seriously is the bee's knees. 2. I have another damn wound now. I seriously could not feel more unattractive then if I had a full body rash. Nothing like having what feels like a mattress on the side of my back taped to me until tomorrow. Great something else to make sure heals properly. I can barely keep plants alive and now I have to make sure all sorts of ish is healing and thriving. It's a little daunting truthfully.

Funny fella side note. One of the guys I am most interested in meeting asked me for my email. This is a little scary because then you have my last name. Once you have that then I'm google-able. I gave it to him because well I just don't think he's a douche. Anyway he had told me his name and where he works and it was not hard for me to find him on linkedin. I was chatting with a guy friend of mine about linkedin and he mentioned how you can see who has looked at your profile. I almost died, I'm like WHAAAT??!!! Great, this dude I have never met is now going to think I am a total stalker. Great. I look at my settings and I actually come up anonymous. Phew. I look today on linkedin and see that more people have looked at me. I check it and he looked at my profile. Stalker. Kidding. Totally cracked me up. On another note, two guys have asked me if I was on facebook. When I told them yes and they asked to add me, I gave my name. I accepted their friend request and then within maybe a hour they de-friend me. WHAT THE EFF IS THAT?! Is it just to see all your photos and do some sort of interwebz reconnaissance? Do I seriously need to clean up my FB act? Ugh. It's all pretty funny because I am who I am. If you can't deal with my digital footprint then we probably would not work out because it's not changing anytime soon. Sometimes I wish we could just date and there was no facebook, no linkedin, texting, none of that nonsense. You either had a message on your home phone or didn't. Well on second thought that might be awful because I like moving about and not missing calls, said the girl who keeps her phone on silent and misses calls all the time....I have no idea what I want but I do know that text based relationships are the pits and to be avoided. That much I have figured out.


  1. Happy Hundred Followers :)

    I deleted my FB back in February. Life is definitely much easier without it! I don't miss it a bit. I found that I was half-assed keeping up with too many people, especially people that weren't true friends. Now that I can't see what they are up to on FB I am actually putting in real effort to keep up with real friends. Much better!

  2. Congrats on the 100 followers!

    I find with facebook/IM/cell phones, people have come to expect you to be available to them 24/7 whereas before, they'd have to wait until we got home to the landline and checked our messages.

    How many of us feel guilty for missing calls or better yet, ignoring phone calls? The person calling knows you have a cell phone on you constantly.....

    It is such a double-edged sword!